Monday, February 22, 2010

Ducks and chickens and Spring..Oh my!!!

For awhile now I have seen these ducks on our neighbors property and also crossing the road to get to the ponds across the way. Today I was finally able to get somewhat close enough to take their picture. He wasn't all that thrilled I was standing there and he let me know it! Never knew a duck could hiss and squawk as loud as that! He was definitely letting me know he would rip my face off if I got any closer. The folks that live up and down the road slow down when the ducks are crossing. And those folks that don't live on this road, well, if I am collecting the mail and see the ducks getting ready to cross, I'll stand in the road to make sure they get across safely. I have not a clue as to what breed they are, but they sure are pretty.
Are these the early signs of Spring buds?!! I am thinking yes!

These are hard to see. If you look really close you can see little white dots on top of the green. Yup, white buds.

Poor Eva is bald on her back thanks to Stew Pot. She is locked up with Little Inger, Bonnie and the chicks until her back heals up. None of the other hens are bald like this. Obviously Eva is Stew Pot's favorite gal! I've heard of hen aprons that will protect their backs and am seriously considering getting her one.

And this is Stew Pot who has done the damage to poor Eva. And yes, I have already informed him that if he continues this behaviour ( even though it is natural) he isn't just going to be called Stew Pot, he will be in it!!!! Shhhhh, not really. I just told him that to scare him a bit. Doubt it will work, but it is worth a try.
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  1. Hen aprons, or saddles, aren't all that hard to make. The poor hens aren't real wild about them at first, they try and back out of them, but they do work. (We had jokes about placing bets on my bunch, with all the saddles, we looked like a race course...)


  2. How nice for you that you can think and even see spring in the air at your end of the country.....we got snow, probably more than we had a winter, so I shouldn't be complaining too much.

  3. I think that they might be Runner's Ducks.

    They're pretty, whatever they are. And, I learned something new today. I never knew that hens could wear saddles.

  4. Thank you for being a crossing guard for the ducks. I love ducks! those ducks are so cool. I have never seen those type.

    We have several things budding here also.

    I once read in the 'Poultry Magazine' that if a chicken is moulting or has lost all it's feathers to give it just a handful of hard catfood a day and they feathers will come back quickly. I tried it and it works. I used Purina brand cat food just throwing a handful out the back door and in no time the feathers come back in.

  5. The ducks look amazing. We have problems with people driving too fast on our country roads aswell! Some people loose their brain when they get in behind the wheel.. I hope Eva's back heals up nice and quick :)

  6. Cat-- I envisioned your hens with their 'saddles' and started laughing. What would you call that? Hen Racing? lol

    Me (Tina)- I keep trying to send our beautiful weather to everyone who is still battling with snow and cold temps. The tracking number is #uspsreallyreallyslow! :)

    Lousie--Runner Ducks! I am going to check that out. I never knew that there was such a thing for hens either until fairly recently.

    Barbara-- My girles and Stew Pot get dry cat food everyday ( they eat it from the outside cats' bowls). But since Eva has been locked up she hasn't eaten any. Hmmm, going to give her some and see what happens! Thanks.

    Cass--Isn't it amazing when certain people get behind the wheel they lose all their common sense! We have a few here that are complete idiots!

  7. My daughters basketball coach nick named her chicken woman. He first gave the name to me when he was going by our house and had to stop to let the chickens cross the road. During her game you can here him yell, "Get in there chickenwoman!"She gets a kick out of it. She even had it put on her team hoodie.

  8. Poor Eva, StewPot needs to be a GENTLEman. I have no clue what sort of ducks those are. As much as you love animals, you're afraid of turkeys? Can't you see how sweet my Farnklin is? He puffs up because he thinks he's good looking, showing off.

  9. You should put a duck crossing sign up lol...I actually have seen crossing signs like that here near city ponds etc....but I noticed in my travels that sometimes people just make their own signs and post in the fall I saw turtle crossing signs all along a country road.... whoa that would slow down traffic lol.

  10. Cattle Call-- That is hilarious! Chicken Woman!! lol :)

    Joanna--Yes, I am afraid of turkeys. Geese too for that matter. Something about a huge bird scares me a lot. Give me a 1200 pound horse anyday! lol And Franklin has every right to puff up. He is a handsome boy!

    Me ( Tina)-- Good idea. Yup, going to have to make a duck crossing sign. Thanks for the great idea. :)

  11. ahhhh
    the stirrings of sex on the farm....bald hens and fraught ducks!


  12. How funny: I also blogged about tree branches with buds almost idendtical photo. We must be on the same page. Those are some long-legged ducks -- I've never seen ducks that looked like that, but they are pretty.


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