Saturday, February 13, 2010

Donkeys & Horses Wanting Out

Yup, another video! When it is time for the horses and donkeys to come out for the day, this is how they let me know. Please excuse the mess in front of the fence. I have let the mess get out of hand these past few months. Normally it looks nice and neat.

And for those of you who remember from my earlier posts about the hatching of the eggs, well, we are now up to 5 black chickies and still just the three little yellow chickies. There are still five more eggs to hatch! While Bonnie sits on the remaining eggs, Little Inger is teaching the youngsters. What a team those two make!

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  1. You're getting so cool there with your videos!! Good for you. I love seeing pictures of your ranch, it is so pretty with the large trees all around.

  2. i blasted this just now and the good husband asked 'what is going on?' hee hee! i guess the donkey and the chicken voices didn't go too well with the olympics...still lol'ing...

  3. the problem with your video's - too short.

    I know what yu mean about mess outside, we're having such a long winter, we haven't been able to do any cleanup projects outside.

  4. Canyon Girl ( Big Inger)- Thank you. Yes, we have a lot of trees!

    7MSN- Yes, it is! :)

    Kritter- lol, hee hee. Usually there are more donkeys braying and the horses are a lot more loud!

    Joanna- I am trying to get longer videos to upload. One of these days I'll figure out how to accomplish it! Spring will be here soon enough and all those outside projects will still be waiting!

  5. Cindy - Danni tells me if you load the videos into YouTube, then you can create a link from YouTube to your blog, and you can have much longer videos. I've never done this, I'd have to go figure out my YouTube password, and login, and probably my account is invalid because I haven't used it in so long, and all that takes time. Anyway, I love the farm sounds, and love your friendly chicken!

  6. Love it Cindy! You are doing great!! And I totally agree about your "Mother Hen" team you have going on... that is pretty cool. Do you think they chatted about this before the chicks were hatched and planned ahead??? It wouldn't surprise me!


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