Friday, September 3, 2010

Patti Cake, Patti Cake

Yesterday it was time to send Patti Cake, my mini mule, to her new home. With everything going on, it was best for her to be placed into a new home where she can still be spoiled and where her new guardian can spend more time with her. It was tough to say goodbye. She really touched my heart, but sometimes we have to do what is best for them. I explained to her that I had found a most wonderful lady who takes in rescues and that she is going to lead a very nice life where she will be loved and respected and spoiled. This pic was taken June of this year.
This is Patti Cake the day I brought her home. Yes, she was a rescue. Kind of a scruffy little girl who had been severely abused from her first owner and then overly indulged in her second home. Talk about a lot of baggage with this girl!

This pic was taken a few months of being here.

I made a written contract with Patti Cake's new guardian that if anything happens where she can no longer care for or keep her, she is to be returned to me. I feel bad about not being able to keep my word to Patti Cake about her being able to stay here until she passes on.
When Patti Cake was loading up into the horse trailer she was very hesitant. I was holding it together just fine. No tears. But then she turned and looked right into my eyes with a very scared and worried look. So, I walked up to her, gave her a hug and told her it was okay, to get into the trailer and that I will come to visit her. That that is a promise!! After seeing her eyes relax knowing everything will be good, she walked right on in.
Yes, after she left the tears rolled. And it sure was strange not seeing her last night or this morning at feeding time.
I am still on the hunt and search for a place to rent. I did find a perfect place that will accept the horses, donkeys and goats, but ran into a wall with the dogs and cats. So many landlords/ladies don't want to rent to people with dogs and cats. Which I understand because years ago I rented out a house I owned at the time and let's just say, I learned a lot about what some renters are capable of doing to a house!
And another obstacle is I don't have any rental history! It has been 25 years since I have rented a house. Thankfully I have friends and family who have written reference letters for me.
Another yard sale is planned for this weekend. And I have to say, getting rid of a bunch of stuff has been quite wonderful. It's almost like a small weight has been lifted knowing I don't have to pack it all, haul it and store it.
Hugs to you all. And I really will catch up with all your blogs. In fact, I have set aside some time later on this evening to do just that.
Until next time...............................


  1. So sad about Patti Cake, one can hope the fates will step in.
    I hope you have a sell out, at your yard sale!!!
    Best of luck with that!
    I know what renters and even owners can do to a house, one of my sons had a cat that ripped up the wall paper.....

  2. Made me cry about Patti Cake, so I can only imagine how you must have felt. Hugs to you!

  3. Hugs AJ , I hope you find a place real soon. Our cats and dogs have never done any real damage to any of the properties we have rented,Can't you offer them a deposit to cover any damage yours could do, it worth a try.

  4. I'm crying -- lately it seems that's all I do because of animals. But Patti Cake adjusted to living with you and I know she will adjust to living with her new owner. I'm thinking of you all the time and I know something good will happen. Rachael in Malibu on my blog if you have the time.((((hugs from me))))

  5. Great to hear from you again.
    Patti Cake will appreciate what you had to do for her.
    Good lick with finding a place for the dogs and cats/
    Until next time, take care,

  6. I am so sorry you have to say good bye to your loved ones. I keep hoping some way things will turn around for you.

  7. I'm in such awe with your strength. at least that's what's coming through the net. You are one fine lady and everything will turn out fine as it should...karma!

  8. Oh AJ, I know how hard it must have been to see Patti Cake leave. But you would only give her to a good person, so you know she will have a good life. Go see her soon in her new home, and you'll feel better.

  9. you must be very strong...i am sorry you had to find her another home. must be soo very hard. i pray you find a perfect place for all of your babies along with your precious cats and dogs. take care!

  10. I am a regular reader of yours from Sydney, Australia and I just wanted to say how much you inspire me with all the work you do for your animals. I am really sorry you have to move and I know how hard it must be to say goodbye to your animals. I'll be thinking of you as you head off to your new home. Thank you for your caring and kindness. I wish you all the best.

  11. I had the privilege not long ago of meeting Miss Patti Cake. She was quite the diva! The smallest in the pack and yet the one who dominates everyone else in your pasture. I recall that her 'tough act' dissipated rather quickly once the ear rubs started:) You made a big difference in her life. And, as you know: sometimes we are just the transition for things/people/animals to get to the next point in their lives. You were the BEST transition she could have ever had at any point in her life. She will be just fine in her new home. You did real good by & for her - don't you forget that ever! All My Love, R.

  12. This is such a tough time for you. Just keep in mind that we are all thinking of you, and sending you strength.

  13. Sweet Patti Cake - I'm so glad you found her a place to go that you feel good about - it about broke my heart to read about her looking to you for comfort about getting in the trailer. Such a good girl. I'm so glad I had a chance to meet her!

  14. I have tears in my eyes... I'm sorry Cindy. I know that was really hard for you. You're taking such good care of all of your babies... please take good care of yourself too.

  15. your strength shines through AJ.... it really does and I filled up reading your post....

    all I want to do is to give you a hug and make things better.....

    what animals will you be taking with you?

    take care and hugs

  16. I have came your way via John Gray's blog Going Gently, and so glad I did !
    What a HUGE heart you have, running a rescue, in any capacity requires a lot of hard work and a dedicated passion, you my friend are to be commended.
    I work in the veterinary field, have recently taken on a position with a non-profit spay and neuter/ no kill shelter. I meet people with your strength and commitment everyday, and see the struggles they face.
    I'm sorry to read you have lost your home, losing the animals would be worse.
    If I can help in any capacity, please let me know, I have connections here in Tennessee.
    Hugs to you, and all the animals, I'm sure you will do, whatever it takes to give them the best.


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