Thursday, September 9, 2010

Okay, now I am just pissed!

I must have woke up this morning with a bee in my bonnet. You know the mood, get in my way and I'll run you over! As I was perusing Face Book I saw this picture on my news feed. After reading the news article I got downright pissed off. Then the more I thought about Champ ( horses name), the more my anger rose towards any person who abuses or neglects any animal. I am sick of abusers/neglectful owners getting away with acts of cruelty .
Why do people send their horses to the auction where most likely they will be bought up by kill buyers, then crammed onto trailers ( yes those double deckers that are suppose to be illegal to use for horses), then sent to Mexico or Canada to be slaughtered under inhumane ways.
And the men who were arrested for the 20 horse butcherings that went on in Florida but are now thinking about taking a plea deal.
And how some workers at medical facilities who experiment on animals torture and abuse and neglect the animals on frickin purpose and thinks its funny.
What about the people who tie their dog up in the backyard and forget about it! How can you forget you have a dog!!!
What about the men ( I use the term loosely) that beat baby calves severely and filmed themselves doing it. These same 'men' hit cows in their faces with crowbars while the cows were restrained and couldn't move.
And what about OUR Mustangs being rounded up off of OUR public lands by so called professionals ( BLM) and the horses are dying during the roundup and in the holding pens. How many horses have to die before this madness stops?
The list just goes on and on and on.
Where is the real justice for these animals? What consequences do the abusers/neglectful owners receive? What punishment awaits people who do horrible acts to animals? How loud do we have to scream so that the justice system will finally do their job and prosecute to the full extent of the law people who abuse/neglect animals? What is it going to take to get some damn justice for the animals? It's time to replace the elected officials that don't give a rats ass about animals!!!
Yes, you can bet I call and email and write real letters on behalf of animals.
Okay, I had better stop now before my head explodes with anger.
Thanks for listening. I'm off my soap box now.
Time to use this energy I have going on something productive.
Until next time............................


  1. I'll never understand it, and I'll never understand how harming an animal is rarely more than a misdemeanor. It kills me, it really does.

  2. I understand your feelings...
    There is a special place for these morons at the end of this life as we know it.
    I hope they rot there.
    Damn it hurts me to look at this picture ;(

  3. Good vent, you got it all in there.

  4. Justice? I'm afraid a lot of these abusers won't get theirs until they pass on (after a long, well-fed life, no doubt).

    On days like these, maybe it'll help to focus on the good people out there, like spending some time on Shiloh Horse Rescue's site. A temporary fix, but at least there are some people trying to peck away at all the horrific-ness going on out there...

  5. I am totally with you, I saw that on your facebook earlier and read it and how it was thrown out because of insufficient evident...what more do they want? It really is awful what some humans are capable of doing to some innocent creatures. Makes me just sick to my stomach, and nothing and absolutely nothing is done to prevent it or when charged the punishment sure doesn't fit the crime in my eyes. Something needs to change.

  6. I totally agree, these morons are cruel and brutal. Maybe we should do unto them what they do unto the helpless animals

  7. When I looked at that photo, I couldn't even figure out what I was looking at. It's that disgusting. I've sponsored feedlot horses through Shiloh Horse Rescue, and I've still never seen anything that equals that photo. Nobody makes anybody own a horse - why get one and commit a sin like this? I don't understand.

  8. It's called Karma. They get to come back, probably as an animal with an owner like themselves. Or maybe as a cockroach.

  9. I don't understand and I don't want to understand people who abuse and neglect animals. I am a 100% with you on everything you said. Those people should be punished NOW, badly, they should be the ones the ridiculous and inhumane is done on.

  10. I so understand what you are saying and as it is I think you are 'preaching to the choir'. I'm just not sure we (as animal lovers) can EVER understand the mentality that leads to abuse and neglect. I know I can't get my head around it. Sometimes I just want to throw up. I say the other day on the news where someone had dumped THIRTY kittens (in a sack) in a local river. I'm not sure all survived but many did and they were all around six weeks old and very puny looking. It boggles my mind how you can have probably at a minimum four cats pumping out kittens and your SOLUTION is to dump them in a river where they will slowly die, while no doubt the momma cats are already pregnant with their next litter. Rant away, I say, because if we are silent, who is going to speak for the animals???

  11. I'm glad you came out and said this. It's one thing I have never understood, how on earth any human can look into the eyes of an animal, and not see life. Are they just blind? I think Tammy is correct, we will never understand that mentality, I only pray that they get what they deserve.
    Years ago I saw a movie called 'powder' I think...well there was a scene where the lead character took a hunter's hand, and put it on a deer he just shot, so he could see through it's eyes. If only these people would understand, what they do to animals, they do to themselves.
    Thank goodness for kind hearted people in this world, we need to keep speaking up, before this whole planet is in the toilet.

  12. I couldn't answer yesterday. It upset me too much. And then, in the afternoon, I had my own upset over the plight of the animals.

    What's that old saying? "You just have to keep on, keeping on." Sometimes it's very hard, in the face of all of the greed and cruelty in the world.

  13. They just found a woman with 18 horses in a town about an hour from me. They were in a too small yard with no pasture and no food. One had to be put down, but the other 17 are now in foster care or the animal shelter.
    I guess the good news is that they found them and the 17 of them will be fine in the end (we hope).


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