Sunday, September 12, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

As of just a few minutes ago two donkeys have left to go to a new home. Ruby and
her daughter Chop have left to go up to Northern Oregon. The girls ( Ruby and Chop) have been here with me for two years and were suppose to go to their owners house, but due to the wife having a stroke bringing them home was no longer an option. After much processing it was best for the girls to move to a new home.

This morning I kept noticing a shadow on the ground coming from the sky. When I looked up this Turkey Vulture was flying above the house.

Sorry about the quality of the pics but my camera was having a hard time focusing in on this guy.

I may have a lead on a place to rent. I will find out next week.

As the title to this post says, Guilty pleasures, I have a guilty pleasure! Want to know what it is? Are you ready for this? Are you sure? I enjoy playing video games! Not all of them, just a selective few. I don't own any systems anymore so now I play games on the computer. For some time I have been hooked on Farmville. I have found playing video games gives my mind a rest from all the processing of life and lets me unstress playing mindless entertainment. I usually am able to squeeze in a half hour or so pretty much everyday and let my mind relax.
Do you have any guilty pleasures? I do have a few more than just video games but will save those for another day.
Oh, and the ground squirrel that has been hiding in the rocks by the house did not make it. I found his lifeless and headless body at the end of the walkway. :( So, of course he got a name ( Buddy) and was buried.
Until next time....................


  1. So sorry that Ruby and Chop had to go. :(

    Poor Buddy, sorry he didn't make it...

    I hope you get that new place and it's not too far away. Moving is a bear.

    I play a few card games, not much else.

  2. Love the donkey pics....
    I am hooked on FB Bejeweled Blitz!

  3. Did you know I used to know Ruby and Chop? I have a very pretty picture of them somewhere here. I just hope they get to stay together. Well, you did your best for them for a long time. I'm sorry about Buddy. We have had so many coyote visits lately, I'm sure because they have discovered the ground squirrel resort we run here. I hope you will get that place.--Inger

  4. Sorry about the squirrel. I'm sure Ruby and Chop will be happy to stay together in their new home. I confess I used to be a video game junkie. Anymore, it seems like I spend all my time working and...blogging. It has become my new guilty pleasure.

  5. Video games, huh?!? My roommate, Holly, has the same guilty pleasure as you. I've never been into technology-related guilty pleasures. My guilty pleasures tend to always come in the form of chocolate:) Although, I do admit to leaving my TV on the Sci-Fi channel and watching all the B-quality horror movies most Saturdays, while cleaning my critter enclosures. That probably counts to.

  6. Guilty pleasures...oh you're allowed to have those are you?! Sudoku for sure and knitting I guess!

  7. Glad to hear that Ruby and Chop are going to a home together, although I'm sure it's hard to see them leave.
    Reading is my best 'guilty pleasure', sometimes watching mindless t.v. (but only in the winter), and I do love the card games on the computer. I have to really watch myself though or I can spend too much time at them once I start.


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