Friday, September 10, 2010

Catch of the day or Run that away!

My mood is better today. Yesterdays rant boiled down to our justice system failing yet again and the criminals getting away with it again.

However today is a brand new day. The sun is shining. I read a few of your blogs earlier this morning and they put a smile on my face.

I was hoping for a rather uneventful day. But of course there is always something that pops up. No big deal. Keeps me on my toes!

Can you see what is under this bowl? If you see a small Bull snake you are correct. I was in the barn this morning and heard Ruby one of our outside kitties howling. A quick peek out the door and immediately I see why she is howling. This baby Bull snake is hanging out of her mouth twisting every which way. Thank goodness Ruby comes running when we call her name so after calling her she dropped the snake, which wasn't moving at this point. I walked over to the snake. Yup, it's alive with no visible marks. Grabbed the first thing I could find ( which was actually on the top of a garbage can) and placed it over the snake.

Into the house to grab the camera. Take a few pics. Shoo some cats away.

Lift the container off the snake and guided it into this container. Then it was off to find a safe place to release it. And just as I released the snake what do I hear?

The sounds of a distressed ground squirrel. One cat had it in their mouth. Yell at cat. Cat drops squirrel. Another cat comes along and tried catching the squirrel which has started to run towards the house. First cat and a third cat trying along with second cat darting here and there trying to catch the squirrel. Human ( me) yelling at cats and throwing small rocks to distract them to give squirrel a chance to get away.

Squirrel finally makes it to some rocks by the house and hides. Cats upset. Ground squirrel safe for now but very, very upset. Squirrel is still hiding and every now and then I hear it chirping when a cat gets too close.

Later on I'll try to shoo it out from under the rocks and towards the pasture.

Yes, I know its the whole food chain going on. And that's okay. Personally, I don't want to hear it or see it. Bad enough I find dead birds and moles every so often.

Oldest daughter is on her way out to bring lunch. Mmmm, love food!

Until next time...............


  1. Oh I am so with you on that one....I understand the whole food chain thing but like you don't want to hear or see it. I hear it a lot during the night with the windows's gruesome

  2. What a love gift! Your cat COMES for you? I guess I didn't train mine right. Poor squirrel, it does sound upset!
    I understand about the food chain too, just don't want to watch it happen either.
    Sounds like your day got started out a bit busy!

  3. Don't you just want to kick yourself every time you realize you've forgotten your camera inside? lol
    A bit of snake excitement in the morning to get the blood flowing - oh yeah! :-)
    Ohmygosh, how wonderful that your daughter is bringing you lunch - what a sweet thing.

  4. Love the header photo. That's quite a lot of equines!

  5. What an interesting sound. Our chipmunks her make a chipping alarm sound, also. It's lighter, and quicker, than your ground squirrel.

  6. I'm with you on the circle of life and all that.--Inger

  7. dead mice under the bed and feathers all up the stairs.....
    welcome to my world!!!!

    been asking the next question to a few bloggers

    "what would be your ideal relaxing afternoon AJ?"

  8. i am just like you! i try to save all sorts of things and i just saved a spider instead of killing it. i didn't want it near the horses. poor little squirrel. such suffering. my cats are the same way!


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