Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Coons and Cats and Birds

Last night Mama Coon and her three pretty good sized babies came up to have dinner ( cat food). When I walked to the screen door she growled at me! Um, really!! In the years I have lived here not one coon has ever growled. So, I stood there. She kept growling. I kept standing there. She kept growling. On and on it went for a little while. She wasn't going to leave and neither was I! Finally she walked off growling the whole time. Ha Ha, I won!!!! In the background of the picture you'll see two white dots. Those are the eyes of one her babies.
This afternoon I had to go to town and as I was walking out the door what do I see? A cat with this bird. Geez, not again. Yup, chased the cat away, finally grabbed the bird, put it in a box, into the bathroom and off to town I went.

Came home, checked on the bird, yup, still very much alive. Alright then, time to go back outside. Hmmm, where to turn it loose in case it doesn't fly off and I can catch it again without cats around. Hmmmm. Okay, the backyard it is.

Thankfully as soon as I opened the box all the way out flew the bird. Thank you little bird!

It has been cloudy and kind of rainy. Yay!!!! I'll take this weather over those baking triple digits any day.

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  1. I've yet to have a coon stop by and eat the cat food, but most every night I have possums show up.
    I really like their little faces, but ooh that tail is a bit ugly ;)
    Glad your birdie was well enough to fly. My Oliver brings them to me, and then doesn't kill them, just puts them in a state of shock and leaves it to me, how to make them better. Sod.
    Cooler weather here today, with a dab or two of rain.....glorious !

  2. You have quite the adventures with the wildlife around your place! Personally, I'd have given in and let the raccoon win if she growled at me.

  3. I seldom see any small critters here, the dogs have pretty much cleared them out (not my dogs). That mama was almost as determined as you!
    Cats and their bird mayhem! Jill will try to get them too. I believe she's got hunting blood of some kind in her. She just threw a hissy fit over the deer in the field across the street, so far, her collar works.... (remind self to get more batteries)
    Not all that hot, but the humidity is gruesome!

  4. Oh I'm glad this bird made it!

  5. You sure have been busy lately, with going through stuff, plumbing issues, wildlife, etc. Hopefully, you'll get a little R&R soon! Best Wishes.

  6. Again Cindy to the rescue. You just totally amaze me. Good job! As for the "heat" or lack there of right's ******* cold here in least it was yesterday! See it won't take long at all to complain about the cold lol

  7. Mama raccoons can be very protective of their young. Sounds like yours is a very good Mama. I'm glad that the bird made it.

  8. Ha, that is gratitude for you! ;-) Once in awhile we have coons around but they usually don't linger in the yard since the dogs would love to get a hold of them. Years ago I had a 'coon infestation' and they were practically tearing things apart, not to mention having horrible battles all night long, so I live trapped them and relocated them. I think there were about 8 by the time I was done. They were probably mostly yearlings, but there was one old boar and man he was savage--he would have loved to remove a finger or two I think.

  9. I'm glad you rescued the sweet little bird! Too bad the racoon family is not more thankful to be living by such a caring person. :)

    xo Catherine

  10. The only time our Bandit ever backed off from a fight was with a raccoon. And he almost killed my Doberman pinscher, so he was no weakling. Glad the bird was OK.--Inger


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