Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Betsy goat, Frogs in a bowl, and

A good portion of yesterday was spent at the University my youngest daughter is attending. This will be her second year there, but this time she has decided to move on campus. Sure is going to be strange without her here. Remember several months ago when the neighbors goat, Betsy, decided she wanted to come over here and stay awhile? The above pic shows her when she first came over.
This is how Betsy looks as of this morning! Quite a difference!

While I was watering the pasture troughs this morning I noticed this frog swimming in one of the many containers of water that are placed throughout the property for all the animals ( coons, cats, squirrels, birds, etc.)

Over the weekend it rained pretty good. And this morning there are shades of green beginning to grow in the pastures. Amazing how fast a pasture can go from desert brown to a field of green. You can barely see the green in the pic, but really, it is there.

Bonnie has decided she wants to be broody. Sorry girl but not going to happen. First, the eggs are not fertilized. Secondly, it is too late in the season to be raising babies.

Speaking of chickens. The hen who was injured or sick has made almost a full recovery. I still have no idea what the heck happened, but she appears to be fine now other than a slight limp. I have decided to name her Grace.

One more note on chickens. It seems there is one hen who is stealing and eating the eggs from the hen house! I still have not been able to catch who is doing it, due to by the time I get out there after hearing all the raucous going on, all the hens are trying to grab what's left of the egg. And what gets me is I don't know why it is happening. They get a very good chicken layer feed, cracked corn, hen scratch, grit, leftovers from our meals, cat food, hay to find grains in, freshly picked weeds and grasses and even a large bucket of dug up dirt for bugs. Instead of going on and collecting eggs once a day, I have had to go out there quite a bit and get the eggs right away. Hmmmmm.

Well, time to drive into town for a few things.

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  1. Wow, Betsy's transformation is amazing. Too bad she has to go back to her former owners. I think the chickens just love the taste of their own eggs. Not sure how it starts--maybe one is cracked or something, but it quickly becomes a habit. You might try and put the next boxes in a darkened area, and make sure they have plenty of straw (or other padding) so breaking the eggs is harder.

  2. Sounds like one of your hens has gotten herself a complex. I know that you are aware of the pecking order.
    She may be calcium deficient too. Best bet is that she is not eating her own eggs. That may be an indication of who's doing it.

  3. Wow! Betsy looks like a different goat!
    And congratulations on the hen's recovery - that's great!

  4. if all else fails blow and egg and fill it with scrambled egg laced with chilli!!!!!

  5. Betsy looks awesome! I wish she could stay with you.
    I sure hope Betsy's owners are open to some discussion on the fundamentals of proper goat nutrition and feeding....poor lil girl.

  6. Let's hear it for Betsy!!! She knows a good thing when she sees it! Good job Missus!

  7. So glad Betsy is doing better. Any chance of finding her a new home when you can't keep her any longer? If I have a hen eating eggs, giving them more oyster shell usually stops it.

  8. What a remarkable difference in Betsy! You're just awesome, Cindy!


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