Friday, September 24, 2010

I can see you!!!!

Thank you all for your kind words concerning Maggie's passing. Hugs to you all.


I had previously mentioned that one of the hens is eating the eggs. So, unless I actually sit out there and catch the culprit I have no idea who it is.

However, I remembered buying a video surveillance unit with sound when we first moved here. I am a worrier and wanted to keep an eye on the horses and donkeys in the evening while I was in the house.  

 After taking the stalls down I put the monitor in the barn since I couldn't use it anymore. 

Can you guess where it is now? Yup, inside the chicken house.  

I can now watch the girls while I am inside the house doing those awful mundane chores. And as soon as I hear the clucking and cackling I can see who laid the egg and either watch who steals it or just go out there and get it.

As soon as I catch the girl who is eating the eggs, well, she can't stay in the coop anymore and she will be a true free range gal.

Today I did buy some oyster shells as was suggested to maybe stop the thief.

Until next time..............


  1. Hope the oyster shell works. Of course, free ranging is an option. The rooster I kicked out (for killing another) last March is looking big and healthy and attacks me occasionally. I was almost hoping a raccoon would eat him. Good luck!

  2. Ah, the old homestead meets 21st-century technology. Looking forward to your unveiling the mystery gobbler!

  3. great idea! yep, oyster shells outta do it also... a "feeding station" with calcium (oyster shells) and phosphorus. i'm sure you know this already so don't mean to be giving unsolicited info! but, a chicken needs one to digest the other so a feeding station with both will do the trick! hope you find the culprit! have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Hey, this is getting to be fun....for us. Can't wait to see who is eating the eggs. Do you have any one in mind?

  5. I'd love to get one of those units so that I can watch the boys. I can just see it providing hours of entertainment... :)

  6. so sorry about maggie... just caught up with yor blog!!!!!!!
    so sorry

    This looks like some kind of contraption from Star Wars!

  8. What a great idea! Good luck! I hope you catch the bandit and dole out some poultry justice!


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