Monday, September 13, 2010

Wildfire and Injured Hen

I'm beginning to wonder if there will ever be a day that it is just, well, calm. Last night when I went out to lock the girls up for the night I noticed one of the younger hens still outside just sort of laying there. As I walked past her thinking she would get up and run inside, she just layed there. Uh oh, something is not right. I picked her up and set her inside the coop and she couldn't walk. What the hell! She was fine a few hours before and now she can't walk. I picked her up again checked her legs and wings and noticed she flinched when I touched her left leg. I set her back down again and as much as she tried she could not get up and walk.

Out to the barn to get a carrier. Put in hay for bedding and a container of water. Then picked her up, set her inside, closed the door and checked on her this morning. She still cannot stand. I don't know how to tell if her leg is broken and if so how the heck it could have happened. And if it is, I have no idea what to do for it. I will look on the Internet and see what I can find out how to help her. For those of you who have chickens all help would be greatly appreciated.

Now to the wildfire burning. It started around 4 yesterday afternoon. As I stood there it kept getting bigger. My first thought was I hoped no one was injured and all animals were safe. Second thought was figuring out where it was and how close it was.

Very quickly the fire plane was flying overhead on the way to the fire.

Fire plane dumping its first load of water. Many more trips were made until it was too dark to fly.

Then the helicopters came in with water buckets. Thank goodness there is a river close by and they were filling up the buckets from there.

A few hours went by and the fire had started to crest a hill. By this time I had found out that 160 acres were burning, one home was lost and there were evacuations going on.

The fire is about ten or so miles away and as of this morning it has burned 300 acres. The fire crew is hoping to get it contained today. So far no one has been injured and only the one house has been lost. Folks who live on the other side of the hill have been notified that they may have to evacuate.

Wildfires scare the bejeebers out of me. I have learned to have an evacuation plan ready. First thing to go off the property are the animals. Secondly, pictures, computers and important documents. Everything else can be replaced.

It's still early in the day and I wonder what the rest of the day will hold!

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  1. I've seen only one wildfire start in Greece, it was small, but I was still terrified, so I can't imagine what you are going through. I'm praying that they put the fires out very quickly, or that you get a torrential rain storm....
    hope your little chicken gets better too...

  2. Oh my, I hope you and the animals will be safe!!

  3. Sorry, no idea about the hen.

    Sounds like you have your priorities straight, have you enough trailers, etc to move the animals? Have the important stuff in the truck? You can always put it back if you don't need to go. Wild fires are just that - wild. Please stay safe!

  4. Fires are so scary! Especially if you have to load animals. We had a big one last week in Boulder. David and I offered our 1 empty stall but had no takers - the fire was about 80 miles away, and folks were able to board closer, mainly at fairgrounds. Stay safe, AJ, and keep an eye out.

  5. Wildfires scare me too. People often ask me if I'm not afraid of living so isolated alone and I say no. But those fires are so scary. We've had four in Tehachapi this summer and I hope that's enough. Is that one of Little Inger's babies that got hurt? I hope you will find an answer on the internet or from a blogger friend. I guess they don't have any chicken vets?

  6. Poor lil Hen, hope she can recover. I'm finally getting back on track with catching up on blogs.. Hope everything is going well. I don't like fires either.. We are just hitting spring, after a fairly unusual warm dry winter. I'm scared to think how hot summer will be and the bush fires to come with it..

  7. Those fires would really scare me too. Hope you stay safe. I had a hen that had her leg broken or something. She couldn't stand on it and it just swung like it was completely disconnected (dog). I didn't do anything except make sure she could reach food and water and kept her shut in. It took quite a while, but she did eventually regain use of the leg and lived for many years afterwards (with the name Gimpy).

  8. I hope the hen is alright! Stay safe, Cindy!

  9. Fire of any kind absolutely terrifies me. I hope that this one is out quickly. Evacuating all of those animals would be a real challenge.

    Poor little hen! I hope that she feels better soon.

  10. hoping the hen is okay. wish i cold give suggestions, but can't. hopefully time and rest will take care of it. if she is still eating and drinking, that's a great sign.

  11. I'm sure more chicken knowledgeable people have given you ideas on the little hen. Just a thought though, but did you check the bottom of her foot? If so were there any hard black circle looking things on them? Bumblefoot can bring them down quick so that they refuse to walk on the afflicted foot. It can be treated though. Hope she recovers whatever ails her and glad the fires are out!


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