Sunday, September 19, 2010

Out in public.

The other day I had to go to town to get dog and cat food. As I was standing in line there was a husband and wife in front of me. The next thing I see is this guy reaches his hand around to his butt and starts scratching like there was no tomorrow. I'm not talking cheek area! Since I was standing right there it wasn't hard not to notice. I looked away towards to his wife, she looked at me, she leaned over to him and whispered something, he stops itching his butt then pulls his pants out of his crack. Guess he should have looked around before he fed his butt pants for lunch!
Have you ever been at a stop light, looked over to see the person in the next car and they are picking their nose? You know the kind. The digging to China pick. Um, hello, I can see you. The windows of your car are made of glass. And glass is see through! Why do some people forget that just because you are in your car that no one else can see you. News flash, everyone can see you.

It's been raining pretty much all weekend. And thank goodness too because we need the rain. As I was going out to feed yesterday evening I noticed this spider web inside the little tree by the front door. It really was pretty with all the water droplets on it.

The Fall season is here for sure. The Oak tree on the left is turning colors faster than the one on the right. It's hard to tell in the pic. This afternoon the wind has been blowing pretty good and there are leaves being blown around. Yup, Fall is here.

Still looking for a place to rent. I inquired on a place and am waiting to hear back.
Time to play catch up with everyone's blog again.
What have you seen out in public that should have been better not seen?
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  1. I'm afraid to let you in on what I have seen in public, for fear of Blogger taking my blog down :)
    Nothing surprises me these days....we were in a restaurant earlier this evening, and I sat there watching a fella digging in his ear with a toothpick, and then back to his teeth !
    People can be so disgusting ;)
    Good luck on finding your rental, it's always hard when you have animals as part of your group.

  2. People are amazing, aren't they?

    I have my fingers crossed for good news regarding your rental. Good things will happen for you, I'm sure.

  3. It's like something comes over people and they have no self-control whatsoever!
    Great shot of horse's butt and that spider web....nice! Fall is here too. Thank god! Tired of the heat and humidity.

  4. I love these little moments of embarrassment!
    one day ( 25 years ago or so) I saw my sister in law standing in a bank queue. I crept up behind her and slapped her HARD on the ass!!!
    you've guessed it
    it was not her

  5. Omg lmao at John's comment. Too Funny! I bet he wanted to die right then and there. I can only imagine the look on his face.

  6. Still praying you find a good place for you and your animals.

  7. I just got caught up on your blog entries. John's comment above is funny:) How horrifying! A recent disgusting public encounter for me: I was waiting for my Jamba Juice at the restaurant and a waitress from a neighboring restaurant was there awaiting her Jamba Juice also. She was sitting at the table next to me. She pulled out her fingernail clippers and started vigorously clipping her fingernails, with nails flying everywhere! Totally gross! And, since she worked in a restaurant herself - she should know better. Of course, I had to speak up and tell her to stop IMMEDIATELY. She tried to argue that she was 'almost done.' Excuse me?!? Yeah, I responded with: "That is totally disgusting and completely inappropriate and you need to stop now!" Oh, and I'm glad you "treated" yourself with the salad:)

  8. Since I enjoy walking and it's sooo good for you, I often took the bus to UCLA when I worked there. And talk about gross!! You would not believe the stuff people do on a bus, picking noses, scratching themselves or... And this bus went through Beverly Hills!

    I hope you are doing OK and that you will soon find the place that you need for your family and your critters. Thinking of you, Inger


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