Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Community & An Award

First I would like to thank Teresa over at for this award. You made me smile! Thank you. Pop on over. She has a great blog! I am suppose to pass this award on to ten people. Well, since all of you are so great, I pass this on to all of you! You all deserve it!

Secondly, no, the perfect place has not been found yet. I have called on quite a few places either to find out they have already been rented or no return call. That's ok. I'll keep asking and looking. There is no move out date yet, but everyday I expect 'the' letter will arrive. Until then it is more packing and sorting.
Over the weekend we had a yard sale. Got rid of quite a bit of stuff and made a little bit of money. Another yard sale is planned for this weekend even though it is Labor Day weekend. Hey, you never know, maybe it will be great and all the stuff will be gone and there will be more jingle in my pocket!
Over the weekend I met quite a few folks from right here in the community that I had not met before. They came on over when they saw the big Moving signs out front. After explaining why we have to move they started telling me that they have either lost their homes, or were in the process of losing them.
I also found out just how many people whom I have not met before, how they will miss seeing ( and hearing) the donkeys and horses. They told me how much they love driving by and looking to see if there were any 'new' faces out in the pasture.
One lady told me that she is losing her house next month and was going to come over and ask if I would take her llamas and goats. That she didn't want anyone else to have them but me because I take such good care of the animals here. After apologizing that I wouldn't be able to bring her beloved animals in right now, but when, not if, when I find property I will take her animals until she finds a place where she can have them back.
After talking with quite a few people in the same boat, I have decided that it is up to us, the little people, the backbone of this country, to band together and help one another. So that is what will be done! I have a plan forming in my head that if it works out, the 'little guy' will get the help that is needed. It is obvious our Government and banks are not helping us, the little guy. Oh, they say they want to help, but the truth is, they don't. And it all boils down to the almighty dollar! They make money hand over fist while the little guy loses everything.
And over the weekend, I got more hugs from folks whom I have never met before. Genuine caring hugs. By Sunday evening I was so touched by all the people I met. I must admit, it has given me a bit a faith in us humans!
Oh, before I forget, I have been asked about whether Betsy goat will be going with us. Sadly, no, She does have to go back home. But she can stay here until we move.
Well, I think that wraps it up in a nutshell. For now anyway!
As soon as I have a little bit of extra time I am going to catch up on everyone's blog. Gosh, I miss you and keeping up to date what is going on with you.
Hugs to all of you.
Until next time.....................


  1. I can't believe this! I thought that because of the economy, there was supposed to be some relief from the banks with lower rates and longer mortgages. I have yet to hear of anyone able to actually able to get the refinancing! I know, I'm preaching to the choir, but what on Earth gives?

    So sorry this has happened, it all simply stinks.

    Keep us in the loop!


  2. I will be so relieved for you when I hear you have found a place to settle. Maybe you and some of your neighbors should all move in together and form a commune! Or form a non-profit for the benefit of animals and education of the community about animal welfare, the costs of abandoned animals, etc.

  3. I hope you find a suitable place soon. You can almost guarantee if I lived in your neighbourhood I would be stopping at your fence too every time I pass by just to watch the donkeys..I do this here too lol. Good luck with another yardsale.

  4. oh AJ.,..I wish I lived just around the corner and had a bit more land.......

    you sound so upbeat!!!!!!

    sending you a big welsh hug

  5. Cindy, I must say you are handling this a lot better than I would! If I lived nearby you can bet I would offer to board your critters until you found a place. I hope you have some neighbors or friends willing to help you out temporarily.

  6. You must be a 60's child or at least close to it! Yes you are right, if enough enough people get together and 'make a noise' than maybe you will get heard. Joy Behar loves these kinds of issues.....I know you are a small group but you never know......especially when animals are concerned......humans aren't that important , I guess!

  7. I'm so glad you've met so many wonderful people, but it is rather frustrating to hear about all the homes being lost and no relief. I am amazed at how you seem to stay so positive!


  8. Best of luck, AJ. Something will turn up soon.

  9. keep on fighting! you'll land on your feet. please keep us all posted also. and, yes, i agree. if we depend on the gov't to help us, we lose. gov't can never replace community, and community IS the backbone of this country and any country. glad you met so many folks and realize they care.

  10. I guess I have always been of the mind of the old saying "G*d helps those who help themselves". In this case, replace "Government" for G*d. Anyway, I wish I could help, at least I seem to be in the same STATE you are in... But how much help... ???


  11. I so wish you and all of your critters the very best. It's so good to hear that your neighbors are supporting you!


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