Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Forget


  1. No, those living and watching what unfolded that day and the days to come, we will never forget. It was a very tragic day!

    We will never again feel safe.
    We will never again take things for granted
    A lot of us have built a hatred for the thousands of innocents, that are much like ourselves...

    Shocked, betrayed and hated..............

    During WWI we hated and punished the Germans
    During WWII we hated and and punished the Japanese
    You get my drift

    Delete if you must

  2. Sharon, why in the world would I delete your post?
    For those of us who watched it or were there, we will never forget the lives that were taken. We will never forget the heroes. In years to come yes, it will fade just like all the other days have.
    With bowed head and a moment of silence.

  3. My thoughts today were of the loved ones who died in this deplorable act of terrorism.
    I also bowed my head for a moment of silence, and silenty thanked the heroes of that day.
    God Bless America.


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