Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wild Bird and a vent

This morning as I was coming back to the house after feeding, I heard a bird in distress. After a few minutes of searching I found Kirby ( one of the outside cats) holding down a wild bird. Um, nope, not while I see or hear it. So, I picked up the bird, looked for wounds, and tried to set it free. But it didn't fly off. Just layed their in my hand with no attempt to escape. The wings seem to be okay, however I suspect one leg might be broken. Okay, now what to do with the bird. It won't fly away. I can't just put it in a tree and let it fend for itself. Hmmmmm. So, I grabbed a cat carrier, put some pine shavings in it along with a container of water, set the bird inside, took the carrier out to the chicken house and hoped for the best while I went to town.
Well, as soon as I returned from town, out to the chicken house to check on the wild bird. To my surprise the bird is still alive! Eyes wide open, breathing normally, but no weight on the suspected broken leg. So, I will do my best to help heal the bird, then set it free. I really have no idea what to do for the broken leg so thank goodness for the Internet. Hopefully I can find some info.

Little Inger is still sitting on eggs. What is it with her and wanting to sit and raise babies! The other hens could care less.

And now Bonnie is insisting on sitting on eggs. Aw, come on girls. Just how many babies do you think we need around here!

Alright, are you ready for my vent? What is it with customer service anymore. Is there a question on applications that asks if you can be rude to the customer?! And if you check yes, you get the job. As I was grocery shopping this morning there were so many rude, inconsiderate employees at the store. They wouldn't get out of the way of the customers. It was the customers having to veer around them as they stood there talking with another employee. Or if they were coming in the opposite direction of an aisle, it was the customer who moved over to let the employee pass by first. Um, wait a minute. It is the customer who keeps the employee in a job! Make the customer a happy camper and they come back to spend their heard earned money. There are several stores in town I refuse to shop at because of their poor customer service.
I worked customer service for many years. And it didn't matter if I was in a bad mood, or not feeling well, or dealing with a ridiculously ignorant, rude customer, a smile was always on my face, tone of voice nice, being helpful, etc..... So I know what it is like on the other side of the coin. It is not easy dealing with the public. Most are wonderful. There are a few who are jerks. But you still put a friggin smile on your face and play nice! If one chooses to work with the public, then be nice, not a stuck up, non helpful, rude ass!

Yes, customer service is a big thing with me. And no, I am not a demanding customer. All I want is a smile and possibly some small talk at the register without attitude!
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  1. You going to tape or splint the leg or ???? Poor bird, Jill had one down a few weeks ago, luckily after I brought the dogs in, it flew off!

    Sure, you need more chickie babies ;-)

    Customer service is terribly lacking anymore. I seldom ask for things anymore, they have no clue. I was in Wal Mart looking for something specific and found a worker and asked where that department was... I got "they keep moving the stuff around" so she had no idea where I could find it. Sometimes, I get - "that's not my department". Jeez....

  2. You will have that bird flying in no time....
    Customer service...seems like nobody cares anymore how they treat the customers. My job requires customer service in a big way and you would not know if I am having a good or a bad day, there is no way I would let that out on a customer, having been on the other side too as a sounding board for an angry customer, some of their behaviours really is uncalled for too.... just bcause they have a bad day they shouldn't let it out on the person behind the counter. But you are right... the customer is still King, no matter how hard you want to shake them at times lol....I still live by I treat people the way I would want to be treated but a lot of people don't grasp that concept.

  3. I couldn't agree more! It's the same way here. One literally has to maneuver around staff! They will not budge. Lately I have been refusing to move out of the way and make them move. I thought it was just young kids at first but have noticed that it's all ages, male, female. There has certainly been a shift from customer to staff importance. We should all refuse, like yourself, to shop at the worst stores. Thanks for allowing me to join in on your rant!

  4. Good luck with your bird. My dog got a chicken many years ago and her leg just swung wildly. I made sure she could reach food and water and kept her confined. It took a long time, but with no setting or splinting it, she did finally heal.

  5. Hey Cindy -
    My friend, Dave, has done wildlife rehab for over 20 years. Let me know and I can send you his email & phone # and you can pick his brain for the best treatment. Keep us posted w/ the progress of your rescue:)

  6. Did you let the management know about your frustrations with bad customer service? I went to the website of my grocery store to complain about nonexistant bag-packing skills (cornmeal sandwiched between 2 pkgs of raw meat!), and got immediate and noticeable improvement.

    You'll do the business a favor if you give them an opportunity to fix it. Then, if they don't seem to care, they sure do deserve to lose your patronage. At least you can find out who the manager is, not like these giant faceless corporations with automated phone menus and phone drones. Ugh!

  7. Hope the bird's leg heals soon and I have heard that silkies are verrryy broody. As for customer service, I was in Walmart (which I hate to be in) and got the sent to the wrong place for an item a few times. Then one employee helped me in her area. After being sent to the wrong place by a few other employees I went back to her and she left her area and actually found the items by taking me there herself. After that I found the manager and told him that I wanted to compliment the one employee who helped me. Did the same at a restaurant. The waitress was exceptional so I called the manager over. You could tell by the look on his face he was expecting a complaint. I told him that I knew he was probably used to complaints but that I wanted to compliment the exceptional waitress. I believe even in the midst of the customer service breakdown that the outstanding employees need to be recognized by the customer to management.

  8. Hope all goes well with the bird! Sending positive thoughts... :) Me too on the customer service deal. Ugh.

  9. Customer service is very much on the decline it seems. Some of my pet peeves: Employees who are standing around and griping about customers or management loud enough for the rest of us to hear. Also sales staff that when asked where an item is a) say they are out of stock (w/out checking) b) have no clue so they send you to the other end of the store c)lie and say (because they don't know and it's too much bother to check) that they never carried that item. It's also always aggravating when I politely say thank you at the check out and the checker never says a thing or even worse says 'you're welcome'...when they should be thanking their customers for shopping with them. I think it all boils down to poor managment and poor, poor training of employees. The comment about complimenting the good ones though really is a nice idea.


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