Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm tired!

Be forewarned I am about to whine!

Have you ever reached the point where you are just plain and simple tired? Both physically and mentally? I've reached that point. It takes me a long time to get here.

Feeding twice a day every day 24/7, scrubbing water troughs daily, trying to keep up with the house work, selling on EBay, dealing with whatever needs to be dealt with at the time, etc..... It's finally taken its toll on me. Yes, I do this by myself.

There are four new stray cats hanging around now. That means four more mouths to feed. Which means more cat food to buy. Then if they can be caught, there will be the expense of spaying/neutering.
AJ's face has started to show signs of allergies to the oak trees. The only time of year this happens is when the trees are preparing for the Fall season. There is something on them that makes poor AJ itch like crazy. And with having over fifty oak trees,keeping her away from them is impossible. Time to get the medicated scrub out and start treating it as well as allergy pills to give to her. And she is miserable.
Every morning after I've scrubbed the water troughs and start filling them up, here come the Yellow Jackets. As I stand there they start to swarm then start drinking. The Yellow Jackets and I have an understanding. I leave them alone and they leave me alone. So far, so good.

Betsy goat is still here. No word from the neighbor if and when he wants his goat back.
It has been extremely hot these days. You know the hot I'm referring to. Bake at 350 degrees until done! Ha Ha
I've been filling the chicken water up with ice twice a day to try to keep them cooler.
Yesterday afternoon I knew I had reached my overly tired state. I walked straight into a thread of spider web with spider attached. I felt something on my cheek, reached up to find a small cream colored spider there. I looked at it, sighed, shook it off my hand and continued to go about the chores. All the while thinking that this has become too much for one person. Now I am sure you are asking why the whole spider thing was the reaching point. I am absolutely terrified of spiders!

This morning after I was done feeding I sat there on the Gator and came to the realization that have to find homes for some of the larger animals. The cost alone to feed is high, let alone the quality of time I can spend with each one, etc.... So, I have decided to find homes for two of the donkeys, Patti Cake the mini mule and my horse. Yes, I know in a much earlier post I had said I was going to sell my horse then changed my mind. Well, I've decided to go through with it and find him a good home.

There is so much more to whine about, but I will not bore you with it all. Maybe once the temps cool down everything will be okay.

Thanks for listening.
Until next time......................


  1. AW... sorry you are at the breaking point, I understand about being tired of the whole thing. I think it's the heat, and the same old... all wrapped up in too much work and not enough (or non-existent) help. Nobody can do it all, don't beat yourself up for downsizing.


  2. Oh I so wish I could take your donkeys....I so love them.
    I always admired your hard work with all the animals you take in, it is such a huge job and one you do from you heart. They are all so lucky to have ended up at your place. But like you is a lot of work, and I mean a lot of work.

  3. For as long as I have known you, I have been in AWE of all that you do. It's so much for one person, perhaps too much. You have to stay strong and healthy for all those critters, so if you need to find new homes for some, it is the right thing to do. -- lol, Inger

  4. Some whining never hurt anybody and with everything that is on your daily to do list, you have every right. I am sorry you will have to find new homes for some of the animals but I know they will be good homes.

  5. Don't feel bad about needing to eliminate stress sources. I made the decision to find homes for my 2 (or at least 1) horses myself. The donkeys are not a problem for me, but the horses do take a lot of time and expense and it's not fair to them if I don't spend the right time with them. So, I'm also looking for homes right now. Besides, you won't just give them to anyone....

  6. I can totally understand how you feel. I've been there a few times myself. I too 'do it all alone' and it can become overwhelming with no backup. I hate when it becomes a drudgery and that is the point I'm at. To give myself a break, and have some time to rethink, I've decided to not raise any lambs next year. We will see from there. Hope you find good homes for your critters.
    Take care,

  7. Aww, I do understand. You care so much, and that means that you extend yourself too much. There is never a break with the animals. You can't even go anywhere for a day or so, without having to try to find someone who can care for them, correctly and safely. I think that you are making the right decision to downsize. After all, we all know that you will be very careful, and that the animals will go to people who will care for them as well as you do.

    And, you know, I would bet that Betsy is kind of hanging over your head -- unfinished business. Time to take the goat by the horns and straighten things out with your neighbor. You need to get something in writing, and sooner, not later.

    Lecture done.


  8. There must be some one out there near you that could do the chores for one morning a week at least. Like a member of 4H looking for 'browning points' or something? That would give you a regular break. Remember, YOU ARE HUMAN and can only do so much.

  9. Tiredness must be the thing lately! If i lived closer i would swap you for a while, I'll look after the animals and you look after my boys! hehe.
    Hope you start to feel better soon, I know you will find the best homes possible for your animals. Good luck :-)

  10. It is a ton of work. Hope you feel better soon.

  11. I really respect and admire those people like you who know when things are out of balance in their lives and do what is needed to restore it. Keep focused on the direction you've chosen to take and everything will come together for your animals, and you too!!

  12. Nothing wrong with have alot on your shoulders sis (and you had to listen to me whine yesterday on the dreaded phone lol). It's a hard decision but after I found homes for a majority of my goats the stress was gone in that area of responsibility. I feel it was the best decision for me and I know you will find the best homes for all your large babies.

  13. I've been there; we have all been there if we have animals. They have their personalities and squabbles and want fed every day without a break. No matter how much we love and care for them, it is work. There's nothing wrong in finding new homes for some. I wish you luck. If I were closer to you, I'd help you out!


  14. Pat yourself on the back missy!!!! If you don't I will....take a moment for yourself, even if it's to take a deep breath, remember to exhale and DO it again. Listen and try it! I'll know if you don't and I'll send my LICKER patrol out to get you, hear!

  15. If you've reached this decision, I know it's because you believe it's best for the animals, too, and not just you. I hope you are able to find homes as wonderful as yours for those sweet guys - you deserve a lighter load!

  16. Like everyone else has said, if anybody deserves to be tired, it's you. All of us with lots of critters know exactly how you feel. Sometimes it's almost too much to go on, but there's that something in there that tells you that they need you and if you don't do it they won't make it. So, you get up whether it's too early or too late, too hot or freezing cold, rain or snow, etc. You've got a lot on you and if you think it would be better to find good homes for some of the critters, then it's probably best. But, anyway, do the best you can and watch your health. Ken and Mary of Fancy Fibers Farm

  17. The most important thing is that you take care of you, so that you can take care of them. Hang in there and whine away any time you want to if it helps!


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