Sunday, July 18, 2010

I forgot something very important!

Yesterday I did something really bad. The temps have been in the mid to upper nineties with some hundred days too. Between the high temps and a lot on my mind, well, I forgot to do something very important. Yesterday afternoon I scrubbed and filled the chicken waterer. See the black cap in the center? That black cap unscrews and screws onto the drain hole so while you are filling up the water it doesn't continue to run out. Can you guess what I did? I forgot to unscrew the cap from the drain hole when I put it back into the chicken coop. And that meant the chickens had no water on a hot afternoon for about three hours when I went back out to check on the new baby chicks.

I felt so bad when I realized that here is was, a nice clean container of water with ice cubes in it, for the chickens, but the chickens couldn't drink it because of my stupidity. When I walked into the coop and saw my chickens panting like crazy, I turned the fan on thinking that was the problem and when I turned around one of the chickens was trying to drink out of an empty container! Quickly I unscrewed the cap and as soon as the chickens heard the water coming out they all rushed over to drink.

You can bet I will double check that waterer from now on!!!

And speaking of chickens, Little Inger hatched out two eggs. So now there are two new babies in the coop.

This is the first one born.

This cutie was the second to come into this world.

And these two girls are from the first hatched eggs months ago. They are now gifting eggs pretty much on a daily basis. It's at the point now that I am giving away eggs. I know, I could charge something for them, but the way the economy is, well, money is so tight that if it helps someone save a buck or two, then why not.

Until next time.....................


  1. I'm sure all is forgiven. We all mess up once in a while,

    Darling chicks!

    Maybe barter eggs for something you need?


  2. We all make mistakes, and this one, luckily, caused no harm. You're right in considering it a lesson learned.

    Those two little chicks are adorable. Can you tell what they will be when they grow up?

    You know, for some strange reason ;-D , I'm not surprised that you're giving away eggs. Good for you!

  3. newbees to chicken keeping always forget just how much an average bird will drink!!! and boy is it hot where you are!!!!
    simple mistake..... dont be hard on yourself.... your animals are so lucky to have you

  4. Simple mistake - I always feel terrible when I come home and the dog dishes are empty. They have three, so it's not like they'll die but I still feel bad.

    New chicks are so cute!! Wish I lived closer for the fresh eggs!

  5. I'm glad the chickens and chicks are all ok! They've now forgotten about it, but you will never forget it now! You are the best chicken mama, so don't sweat it.

    Right now we have 2 broody hens sitting on a total of 9 eggs between them. Eggs are due to hatch Thur thru Sat. I couldn't say no to more chicks, they are just so very cute. And it just amazes me that my little ladies and roos are thir mama's and daddy's. I love to figure out which chick came from which parents. I still think it's a miracle that a chick can come from those eggs...


  6. Yes, that is a simple mistake, I have a different style waterer now, metal, but did that once myself. The chickens aren't real happy with you, but if you check them often (which it sounds like you do), it usually is more an "OHNO" not a "#$%@" situation.

    Relax, consider it a freebie from the school of hard knocks...


  7. No harm, no foul (no pun intended). :) Don't be too hard on yourself. Little Inger's chicks are adorable!

  8. Glad you caught your mistake in time. I feel terrible when I fail to meet those important responsiblities we assume for our animals. Poor Rosie's gotten more than one apology from me for an empty water bowl!

    I dream of being in your position one day, able to give my own eggs away to the neighbors!

  9. I hate when I know those stupid things. Good thing you care enough to go out and check them often.

  10. We have the same kind of waterers and have done the same thing. Although, I've never thought to put ice in the water. Something to think about. They do drink a lot of water. Only the chicks and keets are not free ranging, but I have to clean and fill 2 3-gallon waterers a day here in North Texas.


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