Thursday, July 22, 2010

Destructive morning!

There has to be something in the air this morning. First I found a pile of poop in the family room. Really! Come on. Poop!! And it was cat poop! Yuk. The litter boxes are cleaned twice a day! As I was filling up the water bowl for the inside animals I hear something break. One of the cats decided to jump onto the bookshelves knocking off an old ceramic decorative piece that was hanging on the wall.
Then as I was cleaning the kitchen I hear another break. What the hell! One of the cats jumped onto my dresser in my room and knocked off a vase that had silk flowers in it. As you can see the vase is a loss. After picking up the pieces then vacuuming to make sure all the glass fragments are cleaned up, I hear a cat scratching on something they aren't suppose to be.

This is what I find. One or more cats has decided that using a piece of furniture makes a great cat scratching post. I keep a blanket on the back of the chair and small sofa in the family room to help keep it in nice condition. A lot of good that has done!

This is one of the culprits this morning. His name is Otto, he belongs to the middle daughter who moved back home. I don't call him by his given name, I call him "Whatsyourname".

Doug is also in on the destructiveness going on. He decided to jump up onto a small table where the printer is and knock off a bunch of papers.

And the morning is still going on!

It's a good thing I love them all otherwise they would know how it feels to live out of doors!!! Not that I would do that, but the thought did cross my mind briefly. :)

Wonder what the rest of the day is going to hold!

Until next time..................


  1. Seriously--make a note when this behavior intensifies and I think you'll see a pattern--it really ramps up just before the full moon. (Ask me how I know! Yes, my house has suffered damage this past couple of days too....)

  2. Tammy, I didn't even think about the full moon. Going to have to check when it will happen. Maybe for the next full moon I can pick up all the breakable stuff! :)

  3. Doug looks like he knows EXACTLY what he's doing!!

    My new pup destroys my potted plants outside daily. It's annoying, but what can you do? :)

  4. Sometimes, I wonder why humans domesticated the cat. They are so arrogant and cause so much damage, and do nothing but eat, sleep and poop! I had one that would lay on the tv and look at me, as he took his back feet and slowly shoved the lamp off. DC (current Queen) has ruined every set of living room curtains she has encountered. Guess we are all suckers for those big eyes and soft fur!

  5. Barbara-Yup, Doug knew exactly what he was doing! Little booger! :)

    Sharon- Squirrel, one of the kittens I rescued last year has turned into a Diva. She believes that since she is a Diva that she can get on the tv cabinet and sit right in front of the tv. And she knows that the tv cabinet os off limits. Much the same as your DC. Yup, gotta love 'em!

  6. Oh no! But look at the sweet faces....having "i didn't do it" written all over them.

  7. Naughty! Maybe a storm coming? For me, cats help make a house a home, even when they're naughty.

  8. Otto looks kind of naughty. He looks a lot like my Magic who has a naughty streak also. It's a good thing we love our kitties.

  9. Those kitties look like they have plenty of 'tude! :)

  10. AJ, you know there's a full moon on the rise. Probably affecting all the animals and we humans too.

  11. Its so lucky we love them thats all I can say.

  12. aah! the little munchkins are hard at work I see!


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