Friday, July 2, 2010

Where does the time go?

Geez, where does the time go? All week I have been tackling the project of thoroughly cleaning out the barn. Which means going through every box, every tote, every cabinet and every shelf. Three piles were started. One that goes to Goodwill. One that goes to the sanitation department ( dump). And the last was the keep pile. As you can see from the above picture there are now a lot of empty totes! There is still a bit more to do in the barn. I have to say I was amazed at how much 'stuff' one can accumulate over the years.

This is Danni. She just cracks me up. The whole time I was cleaning she had to come over and check things out. And she is very vocal. Having chickens has been a blessing. Not only do they gift eggs, but the bug population is way, way down. I didn't find one spider in the barn while cleaning. And for that alone I am grateful! Spiders creep me out. Over the years I have gotten better about not plowing people over to get away from them!

I was also able to rehome the extra roosters that were here. Three in all. Jeff Lewis ( pictured above) is staying. I debated about rehoming him along with the others, but a little voice kept telling me to keep him. No, it wasn't Jeff Lewis telling me! lol

Well, more projects to get to today. The temps are perfect so better take advantage of them. Next week it is predicted triple digits! Um, no thank you!!!

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  1. Funny that u post about major clean up today...I actually entertained the thought of doing some decluttering...but usually I sit down and wait til that thought passes no clean up for me....nice to see your progress and doesn't it feel great afterwards? Keep on trekking along.....maybe I will be inspired....maybe if you put a few donkeys in the barn, that might do it for me...

  2. It looks like you are making great progress in the cleaning department. I started, got so far and couldn't get anyone to bring me more to sort. I don't have nearly the amount of totes that you have, it's mostly lowly cardboard boxes. When we moved in nearly 5 yrs ago, a lot of stuff went up into the attic..... never to be seen again. I did con them into bringing a few containers down, but I know that the attic is to the rafters. It really is a tough job, deciding what stuff to garbage, what to donate and what to keep, isn't it? Dredges up memories too.

    That Danni is some hen! She is really pretty!

    Don't work too hard!

  3. Tina, if I had donkeys in the barn with me while I was cleaning, well, I wouldn't get any cleaning done. Can you imagine how long it would take to get through even one box having a donkey investigating everything in the box! lol

    Sharon, yes, the memories are the hardest part. What means something to me doesn't mean it does for my girls whom I offered each piece I decided to part with. Now that I am older, it is time to get rid of 'stuff' so I don't bombard my girls with it all much later.

  4. Love Danni and Jeff Lewis! Now they look like real characters. Every year this time we have long-legged spiders that make their way into the house...chickens maybe? (outside of course)

  5. "Over the years I have gotten better about not plowing people over to get away from them!"

    Lol, I know what you mean!

    Amazing, that big ol' pile of totes. Now what are you going to do with them to avoid filling them back up again??

  6. danni looks like audrey hepburn in a big hat out of MY FAIR LADY

  7. Ok, it's cracking me up to read all these WONDERFUL things that your blog commenters are saying about *ME*, er, about my namesake. :-) :-)
    Tell me, though, are her beautiful head feathers all swooping to one side or has she had her head pecked by your other girls (like my poor Dottie)?
    Glad she keeps you so entertained...imagine if we were both there with you "helping". :-) :-0 lol
    -human danni

  8. Danni looks like she has a ton of personality.

    When we moved, we had a pile of boxes for ourselves, and a pile 5 times as big of boxes of critter stuff.

  9. I'm impressed. Critter stuff accumulates so quickly. Then you forget what you have, and buy more of the same stuff. Good for you for cleaning out now. Your daughters will be eternally grateful that you did. I speak from experience.

  10. What a huge job that is. I usually have goats that try to help me. Your Danni would probably be better help.


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