Monday, July 19, 2010

Maybe permanent?

Well, maybe, just maybe Betsy goat is here permanently! Her 'owners' haven't come over to get her. Well, other than the two small boys who came over the other night to bring her some vegies. Which didn't go so well since as soon as the donkeys realized 'treats' were being handed out, they all came running to the fence pushing the goats out of the way.
I did notice that Betsy is starting to look a little better. She has now gained a bit of weight and her coat seems to have a touch of shine to it.

My goats and Betsy are getting along great. Betsy has a ways to go to get as 'chunky' as the other goats, but if she does get to stay, well, before long she will be as roly poly as the rest. Although with her having horns I do worry about her getting caught in the fence or a gate. And possibly injuring one of the other goats.

The little frogs are more and more visible these days.

Pretty soon they will attach themselves to the side of the house.

Until next time...................


  1. I know that you probably don't need another mouth to feed, but, I do hope that Betsy gets to live with you permanently. She would be so much better off. She looks so much better, already.

  2. I sure hope that you don't get her fat and sassy and the owner comes by and demands his goat! She IS looking lots better!

    Little frogs, gotta love 'em! :-)

  3. Good ole Cindy, always willing to take in one more. Thank you honey.

  4. I tell you, those animals are smart. Watch out, or you may wake up one morning to find several blog readers inside your fences!

  5. Are those other 2 goats pregnant?? They are roly-poly!! But happy! It's good that Betsy has friends!

  6. Awww...what's one more mouth to feed? lol Well at least she got a good home with you, and never have to worry about a thing again. Way to go Cindy!

  7. She does look better already. I wish I could send Mabel to you to get fattened up. What is your secret?

  8. Hooray for Betsy! :) I think she is where she belongs.

  9. Betsy looks adorable! Hope she gets to stay. How great is having frogs!


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