Thursday, July 8, 2010

This time it's a goat!

Yesterday it hit 103 degrees here. Can you say Y-U-K!!! It was miserable.

Yesterday evening the two small boys from next door knocked on my door and informed me that their goat was in my pasture. Really?! Since the donkeys and Patti Cake the mini mule are in the back pasture they couldn't go out there alone to get their goat. So, out into the heat to help catch the goat. After about 45 minutes catching her was out of the question. The boys started chasing her all over the pasture throwing a homemade rope at her. Duh, I would run too being chased liked that. I finally told them to put the rope down and walk towards her calmly. Did they listen? No! The older of the boys couldn't understand why the goat didn't want to be caught. Well, by this time I am hot and tired. I looked right at him and told him if him and his brother were nicer to their goat then she wouldn't mind being caught. I then asked him how many times I have yelled at him for being mean to their goat. He didn't answer me. Little turd!

Anyway, enough was enough. I told the boys to leave the goat here overnight and to go home.

Well, my goats weren't too happy about having a stranger in the pasture. Neither were the donkeys or Patti Cake our mini mule. I took these pictures this morning. The brown goat with the horns is the neighbors goat. Her name is Betsy.

Betsy trying to get close to the food.

My girl goats banding together to chase Betsy away.

"Get the stranger!!!!!"

It's a standoff. The ugly one with the hair hanging off of him is Dick.
Um, do you see a difference between my goats coats and the neighbors goat coat? Can you see how much thinner Betsy is compared to mine? Hmmm, maybe I feed my goats too well!!?
Since it is going to be another scorcher I am not going to worry about the neighbors goat staying here another day or two. I am not going stress her in this heat to get her back next door.
Time to get some outside chores done before baking temps set in.
Until next time........................


  1. Some people have animals to have animals. They don't care. I wish we could take away animals from people that are like that.

  2. Looks to me like it would be better if Betsy stayed in your pasture permanently. Honest to Pete, I just can't understand some people.

  3. poor girl...I would keep the goat and get rid of those neighbors!! I especially fond of my goats you see... :)

  4. Poor Betsy! We goats would come right up to our people if they love us. Those boys are mean! I love the hackles up on your goats! Tee hee. Betsy would like to stay!

  5. Oh boy, once again an irresponsible animal owner, having an animal requires to know how to take care of it properly...what other animals does he have that need rescueing from him?

  6. Your neighbors' animals are smarter than their humans. They know where to go for better care.

  7. Stupid people. I will never understand. Here it is the neighbor who suddenly decided to 'rescue' an angora BUCK from the sale barn. Poor thing has been tied on a rope every since, constantly tangled up. It has been a ruckus all the way around with us neighbors trying to get relief for the poor thing. It got loose last night and is no where to found. And you can't educate these people. They will simply not listen. And they say animals are stupid?? Hmmmm...

  8. Word is definitely out that your are running a 'Five Star' wonder the goat wandered onto your property. Did the little kids learn anything, I wonder?

  9. Is this the same neighbor with the horse? What is with these people, they need to mend their fences, that's for sure!

  10. I do think your goats are fat. Fat, spoiled and happy the way they ought to be! Too bad Betsy can't just choose to stay where the people (if not the other goats) are nice.

  11. PS - there's cute donkey pictures at this morning.

  12. Poor little Betsy! Don't you just wish that all of the critters could come and live with you so that they would be cared for properly? We also have goats down the street that I feel so sorry for every time I drive by...

    How nice is it that you can mix your goats and donkeys. Since Ellsworth's arrival, we've had to segregate as Ellsworth for some reason became not so nice with our goats. Very strange considering where he came from - or perhaps because of where he came from?

  13. Betsy is one smart goat! She knows where to go to get proper care. She is very thin, poor thing. I hope your neighbors forget about her and let her stay with you!


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