Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Comical Cookie

Sadly the wild bird did not make it. I buried him/her.

The temps are beginning to climb close to triple digits.

And with hot temps, well, for some reason my mind starts acting silly. Hence the video which I found comical starring Cookie. She loves human treats and one of her favorites is licorice. So every now and then she and the other donkeys get a treat or two.

Today is suppose to be mid 90's. Tomorrow 100. Thursday 102. Who knows where my mind will be on Thursday! Ha Ha I may have cracked up by then!!!! :)

Until next time...........................


  1. You and her would make an excellent cookie monster adorable.

  2. I'm sorry that the bird died.

    Cookie is just adorable. "I'll do anything for a licorice."

  3. Hey, enjoy it....what ever happens!
    Mr/Ms Bird was fortunate to have spent its last moments with you.

  4. Poor Bird :(

    Cookie is a real character!

  5. triple digits is obscene...time to go Celsius and leave Fahrenheit more triples!

  6. At least you made the last day in the bird's life better. If he didn't die from the kitty, he would have laid out there in the heat and been miserable and died slowly. We do what we can, and let nature take care of the rest.

    I don't know about this heat, either. We're in the middle of a heatwave in the Northeast - temps over the 100s for so long I don't remember the last cool day. One day this week we're having a MAJOR COOLDOWN, according to the weatherman - it will only be in the 90's!!! And I hope and pray we get rain soon! Our well is running DRY!!! So I may have cracked up along with you by Thursday!!

  7. I just love the video! Those lips and nose are so cute.

  8. You are getting way too much enjoyment watching your critters!! (Of course, I should talk!) Nothing like free entertainment! My sympathies for the bird...

  9. Cookie is too, too, too cute!

    My sympathy on both the bird and the triple digit temps.


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