Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Still here, tattoo, and another rant!

Well, as you can see Betsy goat is still here. Haven't seen or talked with the neighbor since Betsy made her way into my pasture.

My herd and Betsy are getting along great. In fact, Betsy now knows the feeding routine and she waits for me at the gate, then runs alongside the Gator as I drop off piles of hay. Oh, and Betsy has one eye!! As far as I'm concerned she can live here permanently!

Yesterday my Internet connection was in and out for the better part of the day. Thinking that the company I go through was having difficulties yet again I didn't stress about it too much. Well, yesterday early evening it went out completely! That's it!! So, I called and what did I hear? The infamous automated system. Okay, fine.
After answering questions and pushing buttons the system hung up on me. Fine. Called back. This time the voice I heard was all in Spanish. Um, sorry I speak English. Couldn't get to the English part of it so hung up. Called back. Got the Spanish voice again. Hung up. Called back. Finally got the English speaking voice and halfway through the call they hung up. Now I am really getting frustrated. I call back, nothing. Call again, still nothing. Call again. Finally the voice. Answered questions and pushed buttons ( yes I had a real tone in my voice by this time), again halfway through the call they hung up. Call back yet again, same routine answering questions and pushing buttons and yup, you guessed it, they hung up on me again!!!
Alrighty then. Time to walk away, calm down, and catch my breath.
After a bit of time had passed I called again. Got the English speaking voice. Answered the questions, pressed the buttons, so far so good. Then silence!! But wait, the voice came back on!!! This time the voice says that they are experiencing an unusually high number of calls and that the Internet would be restored shortly. Hmmmm, okay. I hung up ( yes after giving the dead air time enough for the voice to come back on). Within a few minutes the Internet was up and running!!!
Today's technology is blessing and a curse at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, and before I forget I was reading Justina's blog yesterday to find out she and Carson over at got tattoos! The tattoos they got were of the their BLM donkeys' brands. How very cool is that!!! My youngest daughter has been wanting a tattoo and I have been telling her that when she gets one, to make sure it means something to her that she will always enjoy looking at. Not one that later on life you look at and ask yourself why did I get that! So I told her about Justina's and Carson's tattoos. Her eyes lit up and said that they were awesome tattoos and she is going to get her BLM Mustangs' brand tattooed on her ankle. So thanks for the idea Justina and Carson!! One of these days I'll have to tell you of the tattoo I am going to get and have been wanting to for a long time now. It will be my first and only tattoo I will ever get.
Until next time.................................


  1. Oh dear, the pictures are worth a thousand words! It would seem your neighbor needs a talking to from the sheriff!

  2. I guess the goat finally gets something to eat, poor little thing.And thank god for you to being so good to you.
    I am still searching for the right tattoo for me, I know it will be a donkey, just not sure yet what picture.Cant wait to find out about yours.

  3. Betsy's pretty darn cute, especially those wacky horns! You are indeed a little farm with a big heart.

  4. I'm sure that Betsy is sure that she has found her own personal slice of heaven.

    Automated systems are so frustrating. In your case, why didn't that notification come up first thing, instead of making you wait and push buttons?

  5. I'm so glad Betsey is still there. Hope she gets to stay.

  6. Good for Betsy! She's in a good place with you... I hope she gets to stay. Thanks for the kind words about the tattoo. I also have a tattoo of Kassie's paw print, which I'll never regret. I've had it for several years now and I love it. :D Very cool that your daughter is going to get a tattoo of her BLM Mustang's brand... I can't wait to hear about the tattoo you want to get!

  7. How cool that your daughter also wants to "wear the brand," though I do feel a little bit like we may have contributed to the delinquency of a minor. Knowing you plan to get a little ink, too, makes me feel less guilty.


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