Friday, July 9, 2010


Betsy the goat is still here. By the way, yes, the goat belongs to the same neighbor as the 2 year old stud colt that jumped the fence and stayed for a few days here. We had thunderstorms roll in late afternoon. And with thunderstorm clouds comes very pretty sunsets.

As I was walking around getting pics of the sunset, here came three of the donkeys wanting to know what the heck I was doing.

Donkey ears really are pretty special.

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  1. Nice pictures....and I love those donkey ears, each set is as different as the next one.Just love them.

  2. Blasted neighbor!

    Beautiful sunset pictures!

    Still chuckling over the dear donkey ears!

  3. No wonder the kids didn't care about the goat - they learned not caring from their dad!

    You should sell those donkey ear pictures; they're cool!!

  4. gorgeous sunset!
    it looks like the colt spread the word that the farm next door had much nicer people....

    those donkey ear pics are pretty cool!

  5. What a great idea to take pics of their ears. They really are special.

  6. gorgeous sunsets...I love them.
    On the goat, just tell them to bring by a bag of feed on occassion and you'll see to they would agree..but you may never see the feed. At least she would be cared for though!!

  7. 'Ears to you, those are great pics! (sorry, I love puns...) You wrote that thunderstorms make for good sunset pictures, we won't have them as much, (the legistature has all but outlawed it), but here we have field burning, and it makes for some gorgeous ones, as well. We don't get many thundestorms in this area, so I will have to watch more closely... What a hard job, watching sunsets!


  8. Good idea, DebH! I've been wishing, probably much to AJ-Oaks' dismay, that Betsy would end up staying at her place.

  9. Gorgeous sunset pictures - well done! You know I couldn't agree with you more about donkey ears. xoxo

  10. how do you keep everyone watered and cool in the fields?????? I have enough trouble here and its only 80 degrees!!!!!

  11. Your pictures are absolutely wonderful. I love the ears! I'm glad Betsey gets a bit longer vacation (eating spree). Maybe they'll just forget her and she will get to stay with you forever.

  12. Wonderful pics, AJ!!! I want a donkey too!


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