Saturday, July 3, 2010

Walking across the desert

As I was outside taking care of the chickens, as usual I stopped what I was doing and started watching the donkeys. Can't help myself.

Now that the pastures are brown, it looks like a desert. As I stood there the donkeys started 'migrating'.
Pearl was in the lead crossing the desert.
Mike following Pearl.

Mr. M. Mallow behind Mike.

Hoody Dude bringing up the rear.

Whew! Finally reached the destination. The shade of an old oak tree.

Don't let the pics fool you! Today's temps are very nice. As you can see there is still hay left over from this morning's breakfast. Lots of oak trees for shade. Water troughs scrubbed and filled daily. Yeah, they live a terrible life! :)
Just to let you know, I feel a rant coming on!!!!
Until next time..........................


  1. for the donks being desert animals, they sure love their shade, don't they.
    On a very hot day at the DSC, they are all in the barn, where it is nice and cool. Silly Donkeys!

  2. You are right, looks can be deceiving! So far we haven't gone brown yet (except Jill's pee stops), but we could use a little rain!
    The animal parade was cute!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Dumb question. Do donkeys get winter coats and shed out like horses? Howdy Dude's coat looks more summer-y.

  4. Lately, our weather has been very pleasant with low humidiy. A couple of weeks ago it was unusually warm for these mountains.

  5. Smart mules they are! They seem to handle it much better than we humans. Can't wait for your rant. Great pics too.

  6. This is a hot, hot, hot summer! We are having a drought here in MD. There are major water restrictions for those people with city water - luckily we have a well. But we are always scared one day our well will run dry - we were told it wouldn't last as long as it has already!!! We will take some of your previous OR rains now, please!!

  7. They do look pretty spoiled and pampered even if they act like they're stranded in the desert.

  8. We know exactly what you mean about not being able to resist watching the donkeys. It's nice that your donks and Hoody Dude have a "Ferdinand the bull" tree to stand under for shade. :)

  9.'s an equine parade...just in time for the 4th of July! :-)
    Sweetie pies, each and every one of them.

  10. Your right if only we had someone to look after us like that.
    Its funny seeing all the brown at your place, we have had the wetest winter in about 10 years so far so all is very green here.
    stay cool


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