Thursday, October 1, 2009

Weather is a Changing!

Well, the weather is changing rather quickly. Three days ago it was in the 90's. Now it is in the 60's! Uh oh, better kick into high gear and finish winterizing. So one of the first items on today's agenda was put up a gutter onto the chicken coop. Gathered the tools needed. Best part was, I didn't have to buy a gutter or the brackets. We actually had everything in the barn that was taken off a shed last year. Nope, it wasn't new, it isn't pretty and shiny, but hey, it was already there, and no sense not using it.
Alright, here we go. Everything ready.

Before I knew it, the gutter was up and not looking too bad. Ended up having to cut about a foot of it off. Finished up by applying caulk to the end cap. Stood back, took this picture and felt better. Now when it rains the chicken coop won't flood. Yay! Although I do have to get a drain pipe and install it at the end of the gutter to drain the water further away from the coop. I'm sure there is something in the barn I can rummage.

Next on the agenda was to hook up the rake to the Gator and rake the front and back pastures. Have to spread all the horse and donkey poo around before the rains get here. That took awhile.

As I was raking the back pasture I noticed there was a herd of donkeys watching me. Time for a picture.
Then it was time to tackle the last wall inside the chicken coop. Got half of it done and ran out of screws. So tomorrow it is off to my favorite feed store for more screws, then finish insulating and paneling the last wall in the coop. Also hung a heat lamp inside the coop for when the nights get really cold. Want to make sure the chickens are comfortable in the winter.
Hopefully tomorrow everything will be ready for winter. But pretty sure I've forgotten something.
Until next time................................

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  1. Hey, what a nice looking chicken run! Love the donkey peering through the run in the background! Looks like you guys are still blessed with sun down there - it's a mixed bag up here...fog, showers, clouds, a bit of sun. Chilly, too.
    Doesn't it feel good to get those winterizing tasks done *before* they're needed? It all looks great!


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