Thursday, October 29, 2009

Several people have asked me what my cats do around my chickens. They want to know if the cats chase the chickens. Well, I can honestly say, no! No, the cats do not chase nor bother the chickens. However, on the other hand, the chickens pester and chase the cats! Yes, the chickens are relentless when it comes to chasing any and all cats. Ok, watching the chickens chasing the cats is quite amusing. Hee Hee This picture shows one of the Mottled Houdans going after Laura ( the gray and white cat) after she has already chased off Mr. Worm. So, in answer to whether the cats bother the chickens. Nope, not one little bit!
I meant to take a picture of this tree when it had all its beautiful red leaves on it. Well, thanks to several big gusts of wind, it won't be until next year before a picture can be taken with the bounty of red leaves. But, this picture gives you an idea of what it did look like. Yup, those are most of the leaves on the ground.

Here it is October 29 and there is one lone Hollyhock bud getting ready to open. Everything is getting that brown, dark color and having this one little dot of color is really nice.

This is what the rain does to the feather top of a Mottle Houdan. I can honestly say, this is one unhappy chicken!

Danni doesn't mind the rain but her top notch has gone to one side. She doesn't have that punk rock look going right now. Almost looks like she is wearing a beret.
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