Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Usual Sunday Around Here

Thought you might like to spend a typical Sunday here. Grab your coffee cup. The morning starts early.

After a few cups of coffee it's time to feed the herd and let the chickens out. Usually between 6:30 and 6:45. Then back to the house and feed the outside cats.

Time to give the dogs fresh water and fill the inside cats' food bowl.

Another quick cup of coffee and off to take a shower.

About 9:00 it's time to let the horses and donks out for the day and fill up their water troughs. On the way back from doing that we need to stop in and check the chickens water.

Now that everyone is taken care of for the morning we need to go to town and get some groceries.

We're back.

Okay, now that everything is put away it is time to start making homemade beef jerky. As you can see everything is ready.
Onions all chopped. Marinade all ready.
Here's the piece of meat we will be using.
It's easier to cut it into four sections.
Honey, Rose, Chicken Dog and Apollo waiting for a treat. They know what I am doing when I pull out the dehydrater.
Meat sliced for the jerky, The pile you see in the upper right hand of the cutting board is for steak sandwiches. And the small chunks of meat are for the four shadows shown in the previous picture.
Jerky meat marinating. Steak chopped up for sandwiches and ready to go into a freezer container to be used for dinner sometime this coming week.
Of course since it is October pumpkin seeds have to be cooked.
While we are slicing the meat, then putting it in the dehydrater for jerky the blueberry bread is already baking in the oven. Here the bread is done. Can you smell it? Yum!
Thanks to my sister Connie and her husband, they taught me how to make our own cheese dip. One can Rotella with Velveeta cheese ( onions and jalapeno's really make it taste yummy).
Cheese dip all done. Jerky still doing its thing.
Hours later the jerky is done!

Now it's time to put the herd up, feed, give the chickens their treats and come back in and cook dinner for us humans.

Not done yet! Back outside to lock the chickens up for the night.

Tired yet? Ha Ha

Until next time..............................


  1. Now wait a minute.... You told me before that you didn't cook/bake... ??? It all looks pretty good! I'll be right up to do some taste testing for you. :-)

  2. Wow. Your day starts way too early. I'm going to have to bring an alarm clock on my "vacation". lol. Nobody gets fed around here until after 8:00am. That's what happens when your mama's a night owl. :-)
    Yum on the jerky and the dip! And what kind of bread is that?

  3. I love your jerky and hubby has been asking me to make some. But we cannot find a dehydrater here. Going to try the pumpkin seed this week!


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