Saturday, October 24, 2009

Adventures of a Chicken

Sorry for not writing for a few days. Little Inger chicken has been expressing interest in doing some travelling. So, I have been helping her with her plans.
The first thing to be checked is the travel trailer inside and out. Here she is inspecting the stove top to make sure everything is in order.
Next on the list is transportation. Hmmm, the farm truck looks to be a bit too big for safe driving.

Now this is more her size.

This is the planned destination. She has been telling me she would love to see castles. Although I had to explain to her that she wouldn't be able to drive to most castles due to them being out of the country. Hmmmm, now that poses a probem. And since she is a chicken, well, her flying is out of the question since she can't fly very well.
Looks like some more planning is in order.
Today's blog is meant to be just silly and hopefully entertaining.
Little Inger is such a sweet girl. She adores to be picked up and carried around. And the whole time she talks to you and tells you all about everything.
Until next time........................


  1. I thought she was going to get cooked there for a minute on top of the stove!!! But she seems to take after me. Loved to travel when I was young and I did see many castles in my travels. Maybe you could build her a chicken castle? I think she would be sooo happy! Love that girl. Do all your cats leave the chickens alone? And all your dogs too? And all your dogs leave all the cats alone and vice versa? You are an amazing animal caregiver, for sure. Love, Big Inger

  2. That must be the cutest chicken I've ever seen and a traveller to boot! What language does she use when she talks to you? Farmgirl_dk's Dottie talks but mainly about gossip and food.


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