Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Project Done!

After feeding and watering everyone it was time to drive to my favorite feed store for some pine shavings for the stalls. I love this place. The folks that work here treat you as a good friend. You know, good ol' country folk! Bought 12 bales of pine shavings and Randy is loading them up for me.
Drove back home to find one of the arena boards had popped out. Hmmm, wonder who did that! It couldn't have been a horse butt itching her rearend on the board could it?! Yup, sure was and I caught her in the act!

Good thing I chose vinyl fencing for the arena! Had the board popped in a less than a minute. I love easy fixes!

Arena board all fixed and looking good again.

Today's big project was mucking all six stalls, pulling mats out, leveling the low spots and putting two bales of pine into each stall. Thankfully my oldest daughter came out to help me today. I sure did appreciate it.

Sand all leveled out and ready to put the stall mats back in. Each mat weighs 90 pounds. Moving these mats by yourself is, I have to say it, hard work! I've moved them by myself before and it is was not any all!

Stall mats swept off and put back in. Each stall has two mats except this one, which, as you can, see has four. This is Pewter's stall ( she is the one who is prone to laminitis I blogged about the other day). Because of her feet I make sure she has very comfortable footing.

Here is Doughnut checking out a stall with brand new pine shavings in it.

Donkeys checking out all the stalls. I guess they want to make sure that they all pass inspection.

Looks like all the stalls passed with flying colors.
Even I have to say I am exhausted from the stall project today. But, the day isn't over with. Still more to do. Thankfully it is just the everyday chores that have to be done...every day!
Until next time..................


  1. Your farm is beautiful! Have you noticed some longeared critters always seem to be following you around, curious, interested in all that's going on? Donkeys are the best!!

  2. Cindy, I love your barn!! It looks like a simple enough plan.... very doable... trouble here - everything would blow away in the KS wind!! So I have to wait for one with walls... it might be a while.


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