Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today's Projects and a Couple of Helpers

Gathering items needed to start insulating the outside faucets. Mr. Worm is making sure we have everything in one place so there is no walking back and forth to the barn. Mr. Worm has a story. Last winter he showed up out of the blue. Probably a dump off. He was very skinny. He was untouchable! In the beginning all he was, was a grey blur. I'd open the front door to go outside to feed and he would take off like a shot. Day after day, week after week it was the same thing.

Then he quit running all the way away. He would actually stop at the end of the sidewalk and watch and wait until I went away. But still no getting to close or otherwise he was gone.

Pretty soon I noticed he was living in the barn. He would curl up on the horse blankets, but as soon as I'd walk in, off he'd go. Again, day after day, week after week this went on.

One day there was a bit of progress. When I walked into the barn, he actually stayed where he was sleeping and didn't run off. But he sure did keep an eagle eye on me. I ignored him and pretended not to see him. Again, day after day, week after week this went on.

Then, when he would come up to the house to eat he didn't run away anymore. I ignored him giving him his safe area.

One glorious day without thinking I bent down and petted him! And he didn't run away. Oh sure, he was cautious as all heck, but he stayed there. I continued to pet him and he realized that being touched wasn't going to hurt. That was a breakthrough.

Now, he is my shadow. Wherever I am, he is. He got his name Mr. Worm because well, he had so many worms they were crawling all over his rearend! Yuk! A few wormings took care of that problem.

Bonnie, Bob A Loo and Inger coming over to check out what the heck I am doing. Once they realized I was insulating a faucet they walked off.

Mr. Worm checking my work.

Working on insulating the faucet where the stalls are, who else walks over to check out the work, but of course, Mr. Worm.

Done insulating the faucet/pipe in the stall area. All I have to do is put an insulated cover over the handle and it's good for the cold temps that will be here very quickly.

After the insulating was done, it was time to put the grain into the barn.

After the grain went into the barn, it was time to repair a hose. Duct tape is my friend. That is how I take care of small leaks in the hoses. Well, this required more than duct tape. It was time to actually cut off the bad piece, and install a hose repair unit. Another 'to do' project is to sand and repaint my work table. As you can see, it really needs to be spruced up!

While I was repairing the hose, Shortbus jumped onto the table to also inspect my handiwork. Shortbus and a friend of his were dumped off here last summer. After awhile I noticed Shortbus wasn't all 'there' in the head. Hence the name Shortbus. There is a good reason he isn't the brightest color in the crayon box. There is a BB lodged in the back of his head! Someone had shot him with a BB gun! Grrrrr!!! I took him to the vet and was told that that yes, the BB could be taken out, but where it is lodged at, wasn't going to hurt him. The damage was already done to his brain when the BB hit him. So, we all just watch out for him.

Hose is repaired. No more leaks!! Yay!

There is one tool that I think everyone should have. It is called a Leatherman Tool ( it is pictured on the bottom right). This tool is right up there with sliced bread! It has two kinds of screwdrivers, knife, needlenose pliers, file, wire cutter, tape measure, bottle opener,pick and a couple of other items. And it folds up just like a pocket knife.
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  1. What a neat post. I learned so much. I never knew there was a part available to repair a hose. And that tool is great. Get some rest tonight, hard working woman.


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