Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Sunday Drive

Today we drove to the next county to look at something. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to show you some of the countryside here in Southern Oregon. Here is a nice old barn showing the mountains in the background.
Another old barn. I just love old barns. Something about them that fascinates me. Just think of the stories they could tell of a bygone era.

This ranch used to be years ago one of the top Arabian horse ranches in the valley. Some of the finest horses came out of this place. Now it is a bit run down and instead of Arabian horses there is a mixture of horses and mules.

This barn used to be a dairy barn many years ago. These days it just sits alone and empty.

Just some beautiful Autumn colors.

An old train track and bridge. This railway has been around forever and is still in use!

An old antique shop that I don't think has been open for years. I think the building is just gorgeous with all the ivy growing over the old brick building. However, the bugs that live in all that ivy gives me the heebie jeebies. Can you just imagine how many spiders live in it?

A very old, falling down house not too far from our house. The roof has started to cave in after all these years. If I remember right the place was built around 1900.

This Elk sign is down the road from us. If you have never seen an elk in the wild with your own eyes, they are amazing animals. And huge!!! Truly magnificent animals.

This is what we drove to the next county for. A, as I call it, a "beater" or "to and from" car. Hubby works two towns over from where we live and the truck he drives was killing us in gas. So, to help in the gas budget, a "beater" car was in order. Doesn't look like much, but it gets 26 mpg. Better than his 9 mpg truck! And the price on this car was darn near a steal!
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  1. Yea, what's its's name??

    About your drive....I love old barns too. And it is so beautiful where you live. And hubby will love his new car and be so surprised at how seldom he has to stop at the gas station. Way to go!

  2. I have named the car Barney. Was standing looking at it and the name just popped into my head. So, Barney it is.


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