Thursday, October 15, 2009

Connect The Dogs

I walked down to collect the mail, came into the house and this is what I see.
My first thought as I stood there looking at these spoiled, rotten dogs is, " Connect the dogs".

I know, dumb thought, but wanted to share with you.

Until next time.....................


  1. So they don't even get up and greet you? Some lazy doggies you have there.

  2. Oh my, look at all your boxers. We have raised a few boxers, our last one lived to be 13 but lost her life to degenerative muscular disease. They are wonderful family dogs.

  3. Be careful where you step because they don't look like they will move!

  4. Too funny! This post makes me feel a little less crazy with all my critters. Love the dogs, they look so content. I have a french mastiff and collie and they take up plenty of room on their own when they sack out.

  5. It looks like a booby trap to me LOL!


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