Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Did it AGAIN!!! Or Help Name The New Addition.

Today was a good day to clean the gutters above the stalls. Rain is in the forecast and with the leaves falling, it was time to make sure the gutters will do their job. My goodness they were full of leaves and acorns and icky black stuff. I wear disposable rubber gloves to clean the gutters out.
Finally, both sides of the stall barn gutters are clean and ready for the rain. Yay!!!

Here is what it looks like around here every evening. Such a tough life they have!! Squirrel in on the love seat while Ozzy is stretched out on the coffee table. The gray furry thing on the back of the loveseat is not alive. It is a plush Snauzer. Told my kids when I get to be really old I want a Snauzer for a dog and will name it Winston. They all laughed so bought me a fake Winston for now.

Yup, you are seeing the picture right. Those are two kittens inside that box. Two kittens that came from my favorite feed store. Had to go up there today to get some hay and grain. My oldest daughter went with me and she was walking around the store. Then it was, " Mom, you need to come over here." I did. And there were these two kittens in separate cages. And they looked a lot like Squirrel! You guessed it, these two were caught last night and they are from the same litter as Squirrel! As you can see, Squirrel is checking out her brothers/sisters. We don't know if they are male or female yet due to them being totally wild.
The kitten on the left I am keeping and the one on the right my daughter is taking home.
Not sure if you can see the differance in Squirrel compared to her siblings. Her siblings are skinny, filthy, full of ear mites and wild as all heck.

This is Ozzy's reaction to another kitten in the house. I do believe his look says it all!
No name for the kitten I am keeping. Any suggestions?
Until next time............................


  1. You could name it Repeat since this one looks ALOT like Squirrel and you are repeating getting another kitten from the squirrel trap.

  2. awww they are very lucky to have found a home and a good one! If it is a boy you should name it Jasper and if it is a girl zoe.

  3. Besides the name offerings I gave you on facebook, here is one more: Rain. I think this is my favorite one so far....
    Now off to play in the mud and snow! Ick.


  4. How about "Again"? :-) What does Squirrel think about her long lost sibs? Does she recognize them?


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