Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rose and a Birthday

Today is my youngest daughter's 19th birthday. My baby is growing up! That's her in the white sweater. The cake is one of those Dairy Queen ice cream cakes. Oh my goodness, what a yummy cake! I am not a big ice cream fan, but this cake was really good.

Late Sunday night Rose, our 12 year old Boxer ( she is the beautiful Brindle on the right) had a stroke. At first we thought she was having a seizure, but after a few minutes we knew she was having a stroke. Very scary. Thankfully we had been through this before. Not with Rose but with our old Boxer Jake, who passed away two years ago, from his third stroke. When Jake had his first stroke we immediately rushed him to the vet to be told that there is little that can be done when a dog has a stroke.

The fawn colored Boxer on the left is Chicken Dog and she has seizures.

With lots of rest on Rose's part and being watched like an Eagle ( with very little sleep on my part for the past two days), she has almost made a complete recovery. Her equilibrium is off a bit now, but other than that she is fine. Although I do believe I have created a Princess monster! She won't go outside without me right there. Although I do have to turn my back when she is doing her business. She doesn't want anyone seeing her do her thing. In two short days she has expects the scrambled eggs with bits of ham that is cooked for her. Or the rice with scrambled egg. Or the chicken that is prepared just for her. Or......
At this point Rose can have or do whatever she wants. After all, she is our Princess.
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  1. Happy birthday to Holly!! Dang, Cindy...our babies are all grown up. sniff. I hope she had a great day - that cake looks awesome. Is that your other daughter cutting the cake?

    Rose! Poor, sweet Rose...I'm sending her powerful, healthy, healing thoughts. She is such a dear. Sorry you all are having to go through this.


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