Monday, October 12, 2009

What a Life!

After I came in from doing outside chores this is what I find. Apollo sleeping on the bed. Mind you, after he has messed it up!
Trashcan snoozing away on the rocking chair.
Honey Dog getting her forty winks.
Baby worm taking her cat nap.
Rose being very comfortable on the couch. Rather surprised she didn't cover herself up with the cats' blanket ( which is under her) and use the couch pillow for her head.
Chicken Dog on the loveseat ( where she knows she is not allowed). I guess she thought the pillow was big enough no one would notice she was up there.
The least they could have done was dust and vaccuum while I was outside.
What a life they have!
Until next time..................................


  1. Now that is a whole lotta sleeping going on while you are outside WORKING! I think I need to have a talk with that group! :-)

  2. I've been sooo tired all morning, now they really got me and I may need to go and take a nap. Too early for a nap, but after lunch for sure.

  3. As I was finishing my comment, I noticed that the activities of your dogs generated a Google Ad for Tempur-pedic mattresses. That really cracked me up!!

  4. Yawnnn....these pictures with the rain outside is making me sleepy. Time for a nap, move over Rosie and give me the blanket.

  5. My hubby tells our dog "if you are gonna live here you need to start earning your keep!" He's a fine watchdog I tell him and that is all that matters.


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