Monday, September 7, 2009

Winterizing Has Begun

Winterizing has begun. First project is the Clucksville Inn ( the chicken coop). The back wall had quite a few small spaces which allowed the air to come through. And since we go through bags of grain I decided to put those empty grain bags to good use. I stapled them over the wall before adding the insulation. Since the hay is on the other side of the wall, I didn't want to take any chances of the insulation getting into the hay which is why I stapled the grain bags up as a barrier. The insulation I used were leftovers from a project. The chickens checking the work progress. Shortbus, one of our cats, came into the chicken coop to inspect the work. I guess it passed because he left a few minutes after I took this pic.

The paneling, which was also from a leftover project, is starting to go up.

The rest of the insulation up. Again the chickens check the work.

The paneling finished. Well, on the back wall anyway. Still have to finish the side walls, but thankfully there are no spaces on those walls so just insulation and paneling, no grain bags. One final inspection from the chickens.

Total cost of winterizing the back wall..........$0.00. We already had everything here. It doesn't look like much, but the chickens don't seem to care and it will help keep them warm come winter.

Until next time............................


  1. Great job, Cindy! Chicken Inger will be warm and cozy come winter time.

    Love ya,

    Big Inger

  2. I *love* $0.00!!! That is the best price ever! I tell you, I've got a whole new frame of mind since moving out to our property...we try to recycle and reuse almost everything. It feels like I've found a treasure when I am able to find that perfect something just lying around and able to do the task I need it to!
    Now...if I could just find some big old electrical spools for the goats to climb on! (not much chance of finding any of those around here, though) lol


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