Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chickens and Their Gifts

Today the temps have reached yet again, triple digits! Yes, at the end of September and we are getting this ridiculous heat wave. Ugh!!!!! Tomorrow is suppose to be another hot one. Come on snow!!!!!

Anyway, to keep the chickies kind of cool I put this fan inside their house. They love it! Most of them stand where the fan is blowing and you can just see the relief on their little faces. I have been letting the chickies out daily to roam around and as you can see in this picture a few of them have found the hay barn. Kirby the cat is looking up at Eva on the hay wondering what makes her so darn special to be up there. After all, that is where he likes to nap.

This is a close up of Eva on the hay.

This is Spazzy Hen ( the red hen pictured below). She and Stew Pot the rooster decided to move over here from the neighbors awhile back. For the longest time it was just her and Stew Pot. He would be so protective over her that he barely allowed her to eat and drink and do what a chicken is suppose to do. And he was always having his way with her. So much so that he put sores on her back. No one could get close to her without her 'spazzing' out, hence the name she was given.

A few week ago I decided to move Spazzy into the chicken coop so she could eat and drink and heal from Stew Pot's ways with her. I waited until dusk, quickly picked her up and while I was walking to the coop I could feel her heart beating so fast. Plus how thin she was. It took a few days for everyone to get along, but it worked out.

She was so hungry and thirsty. I made a place just for her, her food and water inside the hen house so she wouldn't be bothered and it might settle her down a bit.

Well, apparently she is feeling better now. The sores which were bloody spots with scabs have gone away leaving bare skin. Stew Pot pretty much leaves her alone now. He has plenty of other girls now. She isn't eating ravenously anymore and I can pet her without her 'spazzing' out. I think she is a happy girl.

Anyway, today I checked for eggs and there were two waiting for me. One little green one ( I don't know who gifted me that one) and one very much larger brown egg. Now I know for a fact that the large brown egg came from Spazzy because all the other eggs the girls are laying are way smaller. Not sure how old Spazzy is but am guessing a year or older.

Here are the two eggs that were gifted today. See the difference in size? Good girl Spazzy!

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  1. Hey Cindy,

    I will take that hot weather!! Send it this way please. We have been going down into the 30's at night with non stop rain for several days. Now there is snow closing in on the west slope of the Rocky's and I'm sure it will be heading here before long. I'm not ready!!! The wet and the cold makes it hard on the foals - we have only one stall in the barn.... I just pray we can get back out into the field to get the rest of the straw in for this winter. Rrrrr I even cringe when I use that word!
    Hope you survive the heat! :-)


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