Friday, September 18, 2009

Insulating and paneling another wall

I finally got out to the chicken house to insulate and put up paneling on one side wall. This picture shows a couple of the girls checking out the new work that was done inside.

This wall still needs to get insulated and paneled. Hoping to get to it sometime next week. Although with triple digits arriving on Monday and lasting through Wednesday, I am thinking at the end of the week is when I'll get to finishing the last wall.

Now that some of the girls are beginning to lay eggs, it was time to put in nest boxes. On the left is a kitty litter pan, in the middle is a rubber feed bowl, and the last nest box is the top ( hood) of the kitty litter pan. Not knowing what they were going to prefer, I wanted to give them choices. Today there was an egg in the hood nest box. This is the wall I insulated and paneled today.

Speaking of eggs. As of today the girls have gifted three beautiful eggs. Hoping for one more. Then there will be two for hubby and two for me. Looking forward to eating our very first, home grown eggs. Wonder what color the yolk will be? Has to be more yellow than the ones from the supermarket.

After I was done with the chicken house, it was off to clean the inside of the hay barn of all the loose hay. Getting hay this weekend so needed the barn cleaned.
Always something that needs to be done. Wouldn't have it any other way.
Until next time....................

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