Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good Neighbors

This morning while I was feeding the cats I looked over at our neighbors place. For some reason the thought of 'good neighbor' popped into my head. They moved in last summer. I'm one of those neighbors who stay to myself. Don't want to get buddy buddy with any neighbor. After all, if something happens to the friendship, you still have to live next door to them. Which creates an unpleasant atmosphere. So, I do the 'neighbor nod' when I see my neighbors out and about. They probably perceive it as 'snotty or rude'.

Anyway, there I am looking over in the neighbors' place direction. There is their garage with one window taken out. I smile. Why do I smile?

Every morning I count the cats to make sure everyone is there and healthy. Not too long after they moved in there were a few times I couldn't find a certain cat or two. Hmmmm, okay. Maybe they are out just mousing around. The next day I still can't find the cat (s). So I start searching. This is not like any of the cats not to show up. After awhile I spotted the cat (s) locked in the neighbors garage. Oh oh, not good. I would have to wait until they got home to ask if they would be kind enough to let my cat(s) out. No problem they say. Then they told me that to go ahead and just go onto their property and let the cat(s) out if they weren't home. Um, thanks, but no thanks. Don't feel comfortable doing that.

About the fourth time I went over there to let them know that yet another cat is locked in their garage ( each time apologizing profusely).I noticed the next day the one window was taken out. When I saw them a few days after that, I asked what happened to the window. Well, they told me that they felt bad that my cat(s) would get locked in their garage and I would wait until they got home to let the cat(s) out. So, they decided to remove the window for the cat(s). That way they could go in and out as they pleased. And besides, my cats were helping with their rodent problem.

I thanked them for being such considerate neighbors. They thanked me for my cat(s). Their mouse problem was on the decline.

Funny thing is, they don't have cats and aren't big cat fans!

Now that's what I call 'Good Neighbors'!!

One day I will have to tell you about the neighbor from, well, you know where!! Ugh! A horrible, ugly person. Wait till you hear about her!! lol You won't believe it.

Until next time.......................................

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