Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hay, Chickens & Smoke

Apollo aka Pollo Pollo Big Butt staring at the chickens at the front door. He does not like the all! Drives him crazy now that they have started coming to the front door. Having the chickens by the house is good and bad. Good because they are eating the bugs ( especially the spiders), but bad because they are pooing everywhere. Thank goodness for hoses to clean the poo off the walkway.

This is a pic of the smoke here in the valley. It is really bad. You can almost get a whiff of the smoke inside the house. Air quality is heading towards unhealthy.
This pic was taken looking in the same direction as the picture above with all the smoke. It gives you an idea how smoky it is here.

Today we bucked four ton of hay. Meaning, we picked it up off the field, loaded it onto the trailer, drove home, unloaded and stacked into the barn. It took two trips to get all the hay. It is a nice feeling to have hay in the barn.
The chickens have gifted six eggs this week. Guess what we are having for breakfast tomorrow! Ha Ha
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  1. You did all that --- in the smoke -- and still had energy left over to blog! Seriously though, that smoke is terrible. Hope they get it under control soon.


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