Tuesday, September 1, 2009

That Darn Squirrel!

Oh my! What have I done?! Had to go to the feed store today. No big deal. I have taught myself to avoid where the cute bunnies and guinea pigs are. But not today. Don't know why I walked over there. But I did. And there on the other side of the cute bunnies was, well, a tiny, all alone.............................kitten!

She looked up at me and I noticed right away she has a slight eye infection. Upon further looking she has a pretty bad case of ear mites. Hubby was with me and must have seen the look on my face. He reached in and picked her up and handed her over to me. I tried convincing him, okay, trying to convince myself the last thing we need is another cat. My gosh, we have 16! All rescues. One with special needs.

Instead of putting her back, I walked up to the counter and asked about the kitten. Come to find out she and three others were born to a stray cat that the employees up at the feed store feed and have been trying to catch for some time to get her fixed. They kept an eye on the mama kitty and her kittens making sure they were as safe as possible.

Well, one employee decided to at least try to catch the kittens. He didn't want them getting hit on the road. He managed to get two of them. Another employee took them home and started medicating them for ear mites.

Two days ago both kittens were brought back to the store to hopefully find homes . The one kitten was taken home by someone else, but everyone who looked at this little girl didn't want her. She is tiny, and requires medication.

So, I asked how much to adopt her. The gal looks at me and says, she is free.

Okay, here I am holding this kitten who is purring and snuggling into my neck. Well, there is no way I am putting her back. She needs some help. And the thought of putting her back into that cage was not an option. Off I walk to get a bag of kitten food. By the time I get back to the counter the guy who caught them smiled and asked if I was taking her home. Yup, can't you see the word SUCKER written on my forehead! Ha Ha He then tells me he caught her and her sibling in a live squirrel trap.

So without further adieu, here is Squirrel ( named after how she was caught).


  1. You have so much love in your heart and it is really wonderful for me to have a chance to get to know you and become your friend.

  2. You ought read my blog about Orion.Maybe you can help with his mental problem .


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