Friday, September 18, 2009

When the power goes out.

Our power went out yesterday afternoon and didn't come back on until last night. It amazes me everytime the power does go out because you realize how dependant we are on electricity. The silence is the first thing I notice. Wow, not a sound to be heard in the house. We get so used to the 'hum' of electricity and when it isn't there, you notice how 'noisy' our houses are with it.

As the evening crept in, out came the candles and the flashlights. I had forgotten how wonderful a scented candle smells. Yum.  

The next thing I noticed was how dark the house gets. We are so used to those little 'lights' everyone has. The coffee pot clock, the microwave clock, the power protector plug ins for our computers, etc..... When we don't have those little 'lights', heck, it's really dark!

Then you notice the outside noises. Crickets, frogs, birds.

Kitby expressing how he feels with no electricity.

Rose, on the left and Squirrel on the right decide to take a nap. Heck, there is nothing better to do right now but snooze.

Was I a happy camper when the power came back on. YES!!! 

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  1. Looks like everyone found something to do to enjoy the time in the dark! Did you ever figure out what caused the power to go out?

  2. Our power went out last week during a storm. The storm brought 3" of rain! And was I ever glad that we have an old antique gas stove/oven that I have been wanting to replace! And the fact that my mother taught me when I was very very young how to make "boiled coffee" on top of the stove! All the while the song kept going through my mind: :-) "a country boy/girl can survive!"

  3. Our cats and dogs always got along (with some dogs we had to work it a bit harder)but I just marvel at how you can bring in all these new critters into the mix and they all just settle in. The Dog Whisperer would call that A Balanced Pack.


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