Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How To Get The Adrenalin Rushing!!!!!

****If you don't like snake pictures, please skip today's blog*********** This morning my sister from Texas calls me and tells me that she had a surprise in her truck. She had driven to the post office, went to get out of her truck, looked down and saw a four foot snake right next to her vehicle! She jumped over and away from the snake.

Then she watched as the snake crawled up the tire and into where the engine is. It curled up against the firewall. If you look close you can see the snake.

As she is standing there with the hood open, people came up and asked if she was having truck problems. Nope, a snake problem!

Someone asked her what kind of snake. She said a big one!

A gentleman said he would get it out. She said, nope, just wait for Animal Control. He says he can get it. The next thing she knows the guy has a screwdriver and is trying to get the snake. Well, after the snake turned and looked at the guy, it decided it was time to move on. And move on it the inside of her truck!!! It had found a hole and in it went.

My sister calls her hubby, explains the situation, he comes and they trade vehicles. She is not going to drive her truck knowing there is a snake as a passenger.

He drives the truck home, searches for the snake and finds nothing, tells my sister he can't find it and it must have gotten out either at the post office or there at the house.

Um, no proof it is no longer inside the truck, not driving the truck!


that is how one gets their Adrenalin going in the morning!!!

Yes, I have been giving her a hard time about it. You know, all the snake jokes.

Love Ya Sis!!!!!

Until next time..................................

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