Monday, September 21, 2009

Want to take a trip to town?

This picture should be at the bottom. Another fire broke out late this afternoon on a hill where some very good friends of mine live ( thankfully on the other side of the hill) and is causing evacuations. This fire has grown very large in a very short period of time.

This is what the fire looked like when it started. The only thing we can see is the smoke due to where we live and how far it is from us. This picture was taken from the back of our house.

You can see the smoke from the first fire that started this morning in Ashland which is 45 minutes from us. This fire has also caused evacuations and is growing. This picture was taken after we crossed the river. Sorry, but some of the pictures are a bit out of order.

We are still on our way to town.

This road is very long. Takes about seven minutes to get to the end. On the right is Lower Table Rock. We live behind it.

Have to cross the river to get into town. This is the Rogue River. It isn't a very good picture. This river is quite beautiful.

Fifteen minutes later we have arrived in town. Well, the first town we have to go to today. This is the Horse Blanket. My fav store for horse tack. I adore their used tack section. Great deals to be found. No, we didn't stop off here today.

Second stop is the library. I love the library. Be prepared, we will be here for a littel while.

Okay, we need to stop off here. The have work socks on sale for $2.99 a pair. This store is the second town.

A quick stop at Goodwill which is in the same town as Big R. I love Goodwill. You can get almost brand new clothes at a fraction of the cost of department store prices. And the money goes to a good cause. Today we got three pair of jeans and two really nice heavy sweaters all for $22.95. Another of my fav stores.

Last stop is as you can see, Wal Mart Supercenter. Have to pick up a few items. We won't be here very long.This is another town.

Almost home. Yay!!!! We have been gone almost three hours. Nothing is close by here so yes, it takes some driving to get where you need to go.

Getting closer to the homestead.

Finally, we are home. I don't know about you, but I'm done with going to town(s) for awhile.
Hope you enjoyed the ride and the scenery.
Until next time...............................


  1. Thank you for the tour Cindy! That was great - and I love the last picture of your entrance to your ranch. Just beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful ride and not one, but three towns! I miss Goodwill, used to have one right up the street in LA. And, yes, I love the gate and the entrance to your home.


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