Monday, August 31, 2009

Caught Red Handed!

Can you see the mischeviousness lurking in that face?

Notice the chain and the bungee cord? This is what we have to use to lock Pewter's ( one of our horses) stall door. I'd go out in the mornings and every now and then Pewter would be out of her stall greeting me at the gate waiting for breakfast. This was before the double chain and bungee cord. Before it was just a single chain with a snap clip. I knew one of the donkeys was somehow letting her out. Hmmmmm.

This is how we now have to latch and secure the round pen gate. We have two gelding donkeys who don't get along so one of them has to go into the round pen during the day and is turned out at dinner time when the other gelding is in his stall for the night. Before it was just the original latch that we used, but every now and then we would notice the latch was pulled to open. Then we used a bungee cord to make sure the gate could not be opened. Now we use the original latch, a bungee cord and a black nylon strap with a clip.

Well, yesterday I was standing in the kitchen looking out the window towards the round pen. I see Pewter, messing around the round pen but never thought anything of it. That is until I saw the round pen gate start to open!!!!! Noooooooo!!! Holly and I took off like jack rabbits to make sure the one donkey didn't get out and start fighting with the other one. We got there just in time. Whew!!!

Now I knew who was the culprit in letting themselves out of their stall and also who was responsible for attempting to free the one gelding from the round pen. It was...................................

this sweet natured, innocent looking Pewter!!! Caught red handed! She is the kindest, sweetest, trustworthy girl ever. Never in a million years would I have suspected of her letting herself out or trying to free the one donkey. Hmmmm, looks are decieving!!! And I started to suspect Patti Cake the mini mule ( pictured first). Sorry Patti Cake.

Until next time..........................................................


  1. It's always the most innocent looking ones who get into the most trouble, isn't it? lol

  2. (Giant grin...) We sold our lock smith, sent her to her new home early after she let Freckles and Hot Shot (broodmare and foal) out into the large pasture that is NOT baby proof. Things have been a bit more peaceful now....
    She will be the best riding horse for the new young family.... as long as they keep her lips busy, sweet and innocent as the come. :-)

  3. I would have blamed a donkey too -- they are so smart! Pewter sure is looking innocent.


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