Thursday, October 13, 2011

Responsibility and another ghostly experience

I was reading on the Internet about Muhammad Ali and his wife suing the former owners of the house they bought because they say the former owners weren't truthful about the house. Um, correct me if I am wrong, but isn't that why one hires a home inspector before purchasing a house?  Something is dreadfully wrong with society these days. Everyone is blaming someone else, suing over ridiculous things and acting like a victim.

No wonder our society is in the crap hole. No one wants to take responsibility. For instance, that woman who sued McDonald's because she burnt herself when she spilled a cup of coffee she purchased. Duh, the container says HOT CONTENTS! Or the  people blaming the fast food industry because they are fat. Hello, no one forces anyone to eat at fast food places. It's a full conscience choice to stop and order and eat the food. Or how about the folks wanting to pull all unhealthy cereal off the shelves because our children are fat. Well, who the hell is buying the damn cereal? Yup, the parents/guardians. Don't want your kid to eat certain foods, then don't buy it!   I would love to hear someone stand up and say, "Yup, I did it". End of story. No excuses. No blame game. Just a simple, "Yup, I did it". 

Whoops, looks like that was turning into a full blown rant!  

Here is a ghostly experience I needed help with.

At my last house ( the one I lost last year), there was a Native American spirit who used to sit on top of the barn. I saw him the first day I went to look at the place, but dealing with spirits my whole life I didn't give it a second thought. He was there the second and third time I went to look at the house.

While we were moving in I would catch glimpses of him. After about a year he started to move around a bit. When he peered in the kitchen window it startled me a bit, but got used to it after awhile. Then he moved to the one living room window and stare in. Okay, fine, he could watch tv with us if he wanted to.

Then he started falling my youngest daughter around outside. At first it was okay. But then he started to attach himself to her. Wherever she went, there he was. When she was riding in the arena, there he was. When she was mucking out stalls, there he was. When he started to follow her to the front door of the house I had had enough. I didn't want him inside the house!

He was a young man, mid twenties, beautiful black hair, no shirt, buckskin pants and was very sad and alone. Well, I had never dealt with an Native American spirit before so knew I was going to need some help. I contacted a friend who is Native American and she in turn asked her Elders what to do.

She got back to me and told me what needed to be done.

I waited until everyone was gone, brought out the sage I had purchased, lit it and walked the entire property saying prayers and letting him know it was okay to go to his People. He had been forgiven for whatever he had done while on this earth and it was time to go. I then headed to the barn, still burning the sage, had a nice talk with him ( one sided), said some more prayers, again told him he needed to be with his family and wished him happiness. I also thanked him for not scaring my youngest, but that he just couldn't attach himself to her. It was time to forgive himself since he had already been forgiven by his family.

After a bit, I walked out of the barn and felt a peaceful presence. Then it was gone and so was he. He never came back. Whatever he had done while he was living was what was making him stay while in spirit. Since he never came back I hope he found his peace.

Oh, there is a church behind the property and while I was saging and praying, well, you should have seen the looks and stares I was getting! I had chosen a Sunday to do all this.  Priceless!!

Until next time.................. 


  1. Interesting story! I am glad the sage worked.

  2. It's ok to rant little sis...but about the home inspections...your BIL is one here in Texas and there are certain things that can be seen and other things that cannot be seen. The inspection is given to the potential buyer so yes there are some things the buyer knows about and it is their decision whether to proceed with the sale. That is why there is an owner's disclosure. So hopefully and honest person will "disclosure" any problems either found or not found by the inspector. I do agree with you that it seems that most folks want to lay blame and sue someone.

    It have always thought it funny that you chose a Sunday to send the spirit you say...priceless!

  3. I lived on a corner and had two churches on adjacent corners. I can just imagine the looks you must have received as the church-going folks often gave us the 'look' for doing something they felt was inappropriate - and we never performed an exorcism! (Hmmm, exorcism is for evil spirits... what do you call it if the spirit is kind?!)
    Your rant is well deserved. I pity all of the companies who have to slap stickers all over their products so they can't be sued by idiots. My favorite is my iron... it came with a disclaimer that one shouldn't iron clothes while they are being worn. (slaps forehead...Doh!)

  4. the lady who sued mcdonald's was seriously injured by their hot coffee, as had many others.

  5. Love your rants! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!
    I think that's what the people demonstrating on Wall Street are wanting the 'bankers'/corporations/insurance companies/etc to do....take some responsibility for the mess we (all western countries) are in. Not to mention our governments' complicity!

    This is the BEST ghost story so far! You are so cool about it. I know now why your animals respect you so much......if you are so kind to spirits, it only makes sense that this kindness in felt by the living.
    Sage, eh? I know when I used to take it for colds and fevers in tea form, it used to make me very 'high'!!! lol

  6. Well, considering a beach towel in Florida had the warning "Not to be used as a Hurricane Shelter", I guess that CYA has to be the order of the day for the business, but yes, I begin to think that I agree, it would make national news headlines if someone just said, yep, screwed up, sorry.

    As far as the spirit, I think it was nice of you to help him to where he needed to go. I have a feeling, depending on the ilk of the church, however, they would be a prayin' for your soul! :D


  7. I always wonder who is the cause for all the obserd warnings on products. It's entertaining thinking about it.

    I love the story. I think compassion is key in those situations. At least no one was frightened.

  8. Sage and buckskins....loving this story!!

  9. You must be a sensative,it can be good at times and bad at times.When you are born with it you have to develope certain qualities to control it.After a while its not so bad.I still get spooked every now and then.If anyone doesn't know what a sensative is-a person who can sense paranormal vibrations and can talk to dead people or even some who aren't.Kinda like standing in a large circle and you can feel if someone breaks the barrier,you know they are there.Or you also know when something is wrong. Did I get close to it?


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