Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happenings and another ghostly tale

Before I know it time has slipped away again. Geez!

The other night I received a phone call from my youngest daughter informing me that she was sitting on the side of the freeway with a flat tire. She had just purchased new tires a month ago so I called the tire place to have them go out and take care of it. The tires are still under warranty. So anyway, I call, explain the situation and was told that because it was after hours it was going to cost between 140.00 and 180.00 dollars for them to go out and take care of the tire. Really? Wait a minute, tires are under warranty so why the charge at all? Well, was told that during business hours there is not charge, but after hours there is a charge. Seriously?

So, hubby and I hooked up the car trailer, drove clear to the other side of the valley, tried putting air in the tire, only to find out that the inside wall had blown out. Put the car on the trailer, went to my oldest daughters house, dropped off car and youngest, drove back here and by this time it was close to ten o'clock at night!

Tire was replaced free of charge the next day!

The local library was having their annual book sale so you know where I went!!!  For three dollars I got two boxes of books! I say, come on Old Man Winter and Mother Nature because I am ready! Ha Ha

For the past month hubby, my brother and I have been trying to figure out how to fall this old, dead tree so we can use it for firewood. Problem being is the tree is between the old dog kennel ( where the donkeys go to get out of the rain) and the pump house. Falling the tree backwards is also not an option due to it being too steep to haul the wood up. So it has to fall forward. Hmmm.

I have to share a story about the Guineas. I am keeping them free range 24/7 now due to them being mean to my hens. The other day they went into the garage snooping around. Throughout the day I noticed that they were still in the garage. What the heck! As I was getting ready to feed the horses and donkeys I noticed that those Guineas were still in the garage. Okay, what is going on. Then it dawned on me that they couldn't figure out how to get out of the garage even though the inside door leading out to the breezeway is always left open! I had to open the outside garage door to let them out! Um, not so bright in my book!

Another quick story about one of the dogs and Grace. Sugar Dog ( pictured here) was a rescue years ago along with her sister Honey Dog. Both dogs have not been around small children so I was concerned how they were going to be around Grace. Well, no surprise to me that Honey Dog will have nothing to do with Grace. However, Sugar Dog has turned into the best kids dog! Grace crawls all over Sugar Dog, chases her around the house, and as you can see doesn't mind one bit that Grace has a hold of her tail.

Okay, now on to another ghostly experience.

Years ago I was driving alone past a cemetery when all of a sudden I felt a presence in the car. At first I ignored it. But when the door locks in the backseat went up at the same exact time, then a few minutes later slammed back down I knew I wasn't alone. I gave it a few more minutes to see if anything else was going to happen and sure enough something else did. I heard breathing coming from the back seat! Okay, that was enough for me. I pulled over, opened the back door and told the 'man' in the back seat that I knew he was there and asked him what he wanted. There was no response. I asked again. Still no response. So, I figured if he had nothing to 'say', then he needed to go somewhere else.

I informed him that I tried to help, but with no help from him  he needed to either go to someone who he knew and that they may be able to help, or he needed to move on to the other side. I waited for a bit, knew he was still sitting there, so had to tell him that he was not coming home with me and that he had to get out of the car. After a little bit I felt him get out of the backseat and disappear. I have no idea who he was or why he chose my car to get into. He knew he had passed on. Once I knew he was gone, I continued on home.

Until next time........................  


  1. wow three dollars what a buy! I love the way dogs and kids play together, once you know the dogs are good with them.
    Great story, will have to tell that one to my hubby, he probable wont sleep after that.
    Sorry have no suggestions about the tree, except maybe tie a rope to it and gently pull it as its cut. you could use a car, but make sure the rope is long enough that the tree can fall and not hit the car!

  2. a love the matter-o-fact way you said that there WAS a man in your car...

  3. Yikes on the spooky experience! Congrats on the boxes of books, I LOVE booksales! I bet you got some great ones :)

  4. Some dogs are so tolerant of babies. We had a Golden who was that way.
    Nice story...freaky! You sound like you were so cool - did you shake later?
    Oh, the tire thing would have made me so darn mad!

  5. How about taking a limb at a time from the tree? That's what we do....much more manageable.
    Now to the story! Holy smokes! You are one ALPHA Mama....even the ghosts do what they are told! lol Love it!

  6. I'm enjoying your Halloween type stories very much. Yep, Guineas are not the least bit bright. But, I love to hear them... chickens, too, for that matter. They "sing" and "talk".

  7. I like the tree as is...beautiful looking...I know, not practical...winter survival/heat is more important. Jumpin's what's going on wit you gurl...these pesky ghosts won't leaves you alone...too close to Halloween for me!


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