Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bats and Why do people do that?

Every evening I make it a point to be outside to watch the bats. Amazing little critters!

After hundreds of pics I finally managed to capture one! Ever try to photograph a bat in flight? All I can say is it is hard. They move so quickly and quietly. I have counted a dozen or more that swoop in and take care of the bugs every evening. And in case you are wondering, yes, the bats get very, very close sometimes!

What is it about donkeys in a field that people in cars just have to bray at? On a daily basis there are at least four or so cars that go by and passengers hang out there windows and bray at the donkeys! As if the donkeys care! If it were the same cars then they would be locals. But they are different cars so am thinking tourists. All I can do is laugh because knowing how intelligent donkeys are, here it is people are making fools of themselves. If only the 'brayers' knew how wonderful donkeys are!

Yesterday a lady who adopted two donkeys from me three years ago contacted me telling me that she has to give up the donkeys ( the two she adopted and one she raised from a baby). Her husband passed away suddenly and now she is in financial difficulties. I had to let her know with a heavy heart that I am unable to bring them here ( explaining my own situation about losing my house), but I would contact some donkey people I know who may be able to help. I feel so bad because I can't bring them here and help her out. Sigh.

Also yesterday I found out that some friends are in foreclosure of their home. Another big sigh. I wish I could help more than just having a shoulder to lean on and letting them know I really do understand what they are going through. It is devastating! And it takes a long time to get over it, if ever. Life gives you lemons and you make lemonade, but really, how much lemonade can one person take!!! Lol!!

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  1. You have a sense of humor thru the rough times - a wonderful quality, try to keep it up. I as for the "Brayers" I think they are jealous!

  2. Lol I had to laugh at the donkey brayers because I would be one of them. Not to make fun of the donkeys but to acknowledge them in my own quirky "hello".
    We have sheep on the hillside, and when my grandchildren were younger we used to ride up there and sit for endless afternoons just "baa'ing" away, they would all gather around us, and take us into the fold.
    It's a sad time when people are losing their homes and beloved pets, I'm not sure I see an end in sight.
    Hope you are having a great weekend !

  3. I'm always ducking the bats on our property...I know they won't fly into me...but you just never know when a drunk bat might come flying home!

  4. That bat photo is incredible Ms.Cool! I love them too and we have a few around here and they do swoop down pretty close to you at night. I even made bat houses a few years back but they preferred their own 'digs'. I really like these creatures too.
    Now donkeys....have always been fascinated with their 'look' of utter boredom with us. They seem like laid-back critters....right?

  5. That is a remarkable picture. I went on a nature excursion last night, looking for bats. The leader had sonar equipment and we could hear the bats all around us. He could tell, just by the echo, what kind of bat it was. I actually SAW one, lol.

    You're a good person, and you do what you can. Sometimes that shoulder is desperately needed.

  6. My neighbor has a bat house and I have sat there several times as hundreds of bats come out a few at a time. I have never been able to get a pictures so, yes, I know how hard it is. I hate the thought of people losing their homes. Our homes are like an extension of us. Part of us. Makes me very sad.

  7. Maybe the people that bray are batty?
    Love the photo.
    Terry at Moondance

  8. I just love your picture of the bat. I used to have them around here, but I haven't seen them lately, which is a shame. I love that they eat so many bugs. Braying is better than honking. I have so many people that honk when they go past here.

  9. I take my hat of to you
    to capture a photo like that is pretty rare!

  10. That bat looks GHOSTLY!!! Its a great shot. I am sorry about you losing your house... these are very hard times indeed. Foreclosures everywhere. It makes me angry.

  11. We love bats and also love to watch them here. I too wonder why people do that... they just don't know, do they?


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