Monday, September 5, 2011

Chickens-0 Foxes-5

It's on like Donkey Kong now!!! The beginning of last week was not a good one for my chickens. I lost five roosters during the day to the foxes that live up on the hill behind the house. They got Stew Pot my old rooster plus four young roosters I was going to rehome. Ever since then I have kept the remaining chickens and keets locked up for their own safety until I build a fence around their coop. Jeff Lewis, my remaining big rooster was attacked but luckily got away. He hasn't uttered a sound since then.

I have been talking to the neighbors who have chickens and they all have said the same thing. They feed the foxes to keep them away from their chickens. I was feeding Fabio fox ( who resides on the hill behind the pasture) but haven't done it in awhile. So, I am going to start leaving food out for the foxes in hopes that if they have full bellies they will leave my chickens alone. Oh, I did have my brother pee around behind the irrigation ditch where there is a fox trail. And thanks to John over at Going Gently I am going to get some men's hair from a local barbershop and sprinkle that around too.  

On a lighter note, here is Grace growing up! She is actually starting to grow hair now! She has begun to stand without help and that girl can move quick doing her crab like walk. The stains on her dress are from blackberries.

Speaking of food, if you want to make a delicious tomato sauce for your Italian dishes, grow some Cherokee Purple tomatoes, then cook them down in a big pot with just a dash of salt. No other seasoning necessary!  Oh, and German Striped tomatoes are scrumptious! Slice them up and serve. Yummy!!!!

Caught the cats being entertained by watching a chicken on the railing. This was before the all you can eat fox meal!

RIP Stewpot!

Of course I have to add something about animals. Did you know that fabric softeners, bar soaps, lip gloss, crayons, dog and cat food and many other products have, are you ready for this.........tallow ( also called paste) from ground up dogs, cats, rats, squirrels, etc.???  Not all of the above mentioned products have dog/cat tallow in them, but quite a few due! Please check to see what ingredients are used in the products you use. Downy and Dove bar soap are just two of the products with 'paste'/ tallow in them. Rather than posting the link to the You Tube video, if you want to view it just go to You Tube and type in What Happens to Unwanted Dogs and Cats. It was a real eye opener for me!

Mother Nature is showing her ugly high temp side this week.  Very much looking forward to Fall.

Until next time.............................


  1. I will miss Stewpot. He was my favorite, just because of his name.

  2. Yikes! 5 roosters gone!
    Gracie is a definite sweetie! But you know that don't you.
    We don't use those products but will spread the word about 'tallow'.

  3. Oh my gosh! Five roosters! Easy pickings for the foxes, I guess.

    Grace is adorable, with those sweet little cheeks. She must be such a joy to you.

  4. :(
    So sad about your roosters. Bad, bad foxes!

    Uh, thanks... I think... about the tallow info ;-)

  5. So sorry to hear about your loss, I lost all my chickens and rooster in one raid by the foxes. Its heartbreaking.
    I will try the pee and mens hair and see if that helps.
    The weather in the northen hemisphere has been very hot. I cannot wait to get back south for some coolness. Unfortunately its spring now there and the weather will start to heat up too. Oh well good thing I have aircon and solar panels.
    stay cool

  6. Those little foxes can sure create a lot of problems! Peeing around the boundaries helps with lots of things, especially ants! Feeding the foxes sounds like most practical solution. But, AUGH!

  7. I pee outside every night with sweetheart Sophie while she nothing...knock on wood.


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