Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Ghostly Experience

What a shock that I am posting sooner than my usual two week intervals! Surprise! Ha Ha

Some of the veggies from the garden. Couldn't help but take a pic because it is so colorful.

This is the end of the garage. As you can see the shiny side is newly painted whereas the other side is the old paint ( which I found out this place has not been painted since it was built in the late 50's). Yes, I chose pretty much the same color only because this color just really fits the house and the scenery.

This is the end of the house before.

Final result ( end of garage).

End result at end of house.

If you look towards the upper left hand side of the brick pillar you can see something poking out. It is a squirrel!

The squirrel climbing to the top.

Squirrel on top.

Not sure how many of you believe in ghosts/spirits but I have a story to share.

While hubby ( I know, I rarely mention him) was finishing the painting on the ceiling in the breezeway a big drop of paint fell onto the cardboard protecting the cement, but some of it hit the cement. His first thought was to clean it up asap, but he realized there was no rag close by. The next thing he knows, is a rag was thrown from the garage area, hits his arm and falls to the ground. He said "Thanks Honey" and cleaned up the paint. Then he realized I was in the house with the baby and there wasn't anyone out there but himself!   He didn't tell me what happened to him right away because he is close minded, and didn't want to admit something supernatural helped him. As he told me what happened all I could do was grin ear to ear. I then asked him if he believes in the other side now, and he said yes he does. He also doesn't think I am a crackpot now when I tell him I 'see' people who have passed on. A big step for a very close minded individual!

Hmmmm, I don't think I have mentioned to you that I can 'see' people who have passed on. I know, I know, some of you think I have an active imagination, but ever since I was little I have been able to 'see'.   I can also 'see' or 'feel' when something is going to happen to someone who I am close to. It is usually a word or two associated with a certain person or sometimes it is a visual.  I always contact the person I get a feeling about. If any of you are interested I'll share some of my experiences on my blog. And I would love to hear your experiences!

I really should be out scrubbing the inside of the chicken coop, but I really wanted to blog right now.

Until next time................................


  1. Veggies are beautiful... that squirrel looks like he is sunbathing on top of the brick!

    Share your experiences, please! I would love to hear more about it.

  2. The painting job looks soooo much better than before! Great job!

    Wow, I'd love to hear more of your "seeing" experiences. Hubby's visitation sure sounds convincing.

  3. The house looks amazing. I bet it makes you feel better about the move too. Some place nice to come home to really improves the spirits.

    Speaking of spirits, you know I would love to hear your stories. I have a few of my own that I may share in the near future as well.

  4. Of course, I'd love to hear the stories too. I have seen a ghost or two. Last Christmas Day when my sister was leaving, I looked at her and knew she was going to die soon. New Year's Day, she had a bleeding brain aneurism. If her boyfriend hadn't performed CPR, she would have died. She's actually doing amazingly well now.

  5. The house looks wonderful. It must give you pleasure, every time you look at it.

    I would love to hear your stories. Even though I cannot see or hear those ghostly things that others can doesn't mean that I don't believe in them. And I love to hear the stories of those who can.

  6. What a wonderful bounty from your garden! The new paint job looks fantastic.

    I would love to hear more of your ghostly stories, as well as more about that hubby of yours!

  7. You are NOT a crackpot. We all have psychic abilities. Some people are just more aware of their abilities than others. You are one who is aware. Yes, please post more about your psychic/spiritual experiences. I would love to read about them.

  8. Your place looks great! amazing what a coat of paint will do! Which reminds me of all the painting required around here! lol

    OK! I am listening! I DO believe that some people are 'born' with super sensitive abilities to 'tune into' another dimension. I look forward to hearing about your experiences.

  9. Wow! Your veggies and house look great! I am so glad your first experience with a vegetable garden has turned out so positive! BTW...I posted on my blog today! Surprise!

  10. The house looks wonderful. It looks so clean and fresh. I love the look of newly painted homes.

    As for the ghost, spirit, being.... I used to live in a house that pre-dated the Civil war. I never saw a ghost, but I did feel like I was being watched when I cleaned the house and I always felt a warmth and acceptance then. We also had a door that would open part way, and then close. This happened without a breeze or windows being open. So, we felt there was a presence there. She/he never threw a rag at me, though!


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